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Fire TV is a tiny box that connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection of TV episodes and movies, voice search that really works, plus exclusive features like FreeTime, it’s the easiest way to enjoy Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, low-cost movie rentals, music, photos, games, and more.

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Product Details


  • Sales Rank: #1 in Digital Devices 4
  • Brand:
  • Model: CL1130
  • Released on: 2014-04-02
  • Dimensions: 4.53″ h x
    .69″ w x
    4.53″ l,
    .61 pounds


  • Access to over 200,000 TV episodes and movies, millions of songs, and over a hundred games
  • With voice search, simply say the name of what you want to watch and start enjoying in seconds
  • Fast quad-core processor, 2 GB of memory, dedicated GPU, plus 1080p HD video and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound
  • Play best-selling games including Minecraft, The Walking Dead, Monsters University and more, plus exclusives


Amazon Fire TV is so well-made. And it is not only you are going to please with this good conception and also you are going to satisfy with the reasonable cost in case you compare with the other similar item which is on the internet around the world.


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star50 tpng Amazon Fire TVThis box is a GAME CHANGER for on demand content! Amazon knocked it out of the park on their first hit.
By William Hardin
I am not a casual user of on-demand content and devices. Having tried smart tv’s from 3 brands, smart dvd/bluray players, Apple TV, and too many other competing products to mention–for streaming content, before this box you really had two options:First is Apple TV which is easy to use (interface) but Apple limits the content you can get greatly and it lacks a lot in features as well and is slow.The second option you could consider was Roku–which really means a Roku 3 box since it is heads and tails better than past Roku boxes in terms of remote and speed.(You can use other options but frankly they aren’t worth the hassle for the amount of hair pulling you would do. There isn’t a decently fast and well-designed Smart TV out there so stop spending extra for an inferior product!)Now this Amazon product has changed everything. It might not be the box for you…but honestly there is a good chance that it SHOULD BE. This is a brand new category for Amazon and they got a lot right, but there are a few shortcomings (at least at launch) as well so read all of this to see what those are.Amazon’s Fire TV boxPros:+ Nothing else is this fast. While Roku 3 impressed the world, this is about to raise the bar dramatically. With a quad core processor and 4 times the memory of any other streaming product, it speeds through menus, boots quicker, starts videos quicker and honestly has the muscle to not struggle with higher end resolutions and surround sound like other boxes can do at times. The best way I can explain it, you will have extra hours at the end of the year because this box is THAT much faster.+ Voice search is amazing. It really works. Less using a four directional keypad to enter in titles is a real time saver and makes you wonder why this wasn’t done before but it is only for Amazon content and VEVO (music videos) (at least for now). You can not use the voice search with Netflix for example.+ Ready for gaming, well at least once you spend another $40. The $40 gaming controller feels a bit pricy for this type of gaming and really should be $25 or less in my opinion. That being said, this box has real games you would actually want to play instead of a VERY limited selection on Roku 3Cons:- It lacks soul. Yes, soul. The Fire TV box and remote are built like a dvd player or appliance–cold, fast, efficient. Unlike Roku 3 where the box seems to have a bit of the personally of TiVo–it feels warmer, more inviting. Everything about this box is business like, including the interface.- The interface is more than merely “cold”. It is simply less flashy/pretty than the Roku 3 interface. While fast, I am less tempted to wander around like I do on Roku 3. It seems like they are pretty dependent on the voice search function which is great but it leaves you missing out on the random items you find along the way with the Roku 3 interface. I will update this more upon extended use.- The voice search only works for Amazon’s own content (and VEVO) and not most 3rd party channels like Netflix.- The remote is not ready for gaming use, compared to the Roku 3 remote with gaming buttons when you turn the remote sideways and more sensors for detecting movements/motion.- Another feature about the remote I don’t care for is the use of Bluetooth instead of WIFI. Roku used to use Bluetooth on their former high end box but instead replaced it with wifi to increase battery life and to add the headphone jack in the remote. It will likely take a few weeks of use to report battery life but this has me concerned.- No headphone jack function like Roku 3. Now to be honest, if you use that on the Roku 3 it can be a battery drain but it is a cool feature.- Missing some popular channels at launch. There is no HBO-Go, no M-Go and no Vudu. In addition, the channel count is much less than Roku’s at launch.Overall:This Fire TV box took so much from other company’s products with only a few missing items. They focused on delivering smooth, fast performance with less frills than Roku 3 for the same price. While there are missing channels and features, the biggest failure for me PERSONALLY is the cost of the gaming controller. Without it, this box isn’t ready for gaming but adding 40% more for the ability to try out the functionality seems pretty steep. Had Amazon included it with every Fire TV box, they would have sold a lot more games and had everyone calling the Roku 3 a poor value.If you do not have a box yet, I would HIGHLY recommend this box over every other product on the market right now. I don’t make this endorsement lightly. I currently own 3 Roku 3 boxes because I liked them so much, until I used this Fire TV box. This box means Roku will have to really work on improving their product for Roku 4 or they will lose the high end market.If you have a Roku 3 box, really look at the missing channels and features–are they something you could give up for faster performance? If the answer is yes, then grab one of these and try it. If no, wait to see if Amazon adds features/channels. At the very least, consider an Fire TV box for your next box.I do not recommend Apple TV as they are still too slow and lack too many features and functions. Apple keeps promising something amazing but delivering minor improvements.I am giving this box a 4.8 rating, compared to a 4.2 for Roku 3.I will update this review every week for the first month of use, so check back for more information!UPDATE 1:Based on comments, I wanted to add a few points.HTPC:Yes, you can use an PC/HTPC for streaming but the hassles involved do not make it ready for a mass audience. I too, use a HTPC at at times with a wireless Logitech keyboard with touchpad (which makes it easier to type searches) and allows you more content but it isn’t easy or hiccup free. Most users want something they can plug in and use. Amazon’s Fire TV makes that first step even easier because your new box arrives already attached to your account. But Roku and Apple aren’t hard to setup and use either.That being said, no consumer ready box will ever give you the power of a high end desktop PC streaming content, nor will they ever provide you everything you could with such a setup. The problem is that is what someone who enjoys tinkering with things wants, not your grandma.Chromecast:For me Chromecast is fine and likely will be a contender for some folks due to cost, but it has 16 channels according to their own site and their ability to stream non channel content, via the Chrome browser, reduces the quality dramatically. I also find that the performance isn’t always as good as a Roku 3 box or the Fire TV box. I personally think Google focused too much on getting the device as cheap as possible, compared to Amazon and Roku trying to make the experience as fast as possible.Regarding comments that I received the item free or are paid by Amazon to write this review, etc.I paid the full list price and local sales tax for this box (grrr). Nothing was provided to me nor was I paid anything to write about this device. I do not work for Amazon, I own my own company. For this item, I am just a customer. In fact, I didn’t expect to even purchase a Fire TV prior to it being announced because I figured it would only deal with Amazon’s own content which I feel is much weaker than Netflix. I have talked two different family members into getting Netflix over Amazon’s Prime Streaming service.HBO Go:This has been repeated over and over in the comments but HBO Go support for me is not something I am interested in as I do not have cable service anymore nor do I feel that HBO is a better value than Netflix. I would not go without Netflix support at all but I personally think HBO Go is more niche for many people and honestly I bet this device will get that channel before too long. Clearly the HBO Go people seem to be pushing the issue but I know 11 streaming box users and none use HBO Go so while I noted the missing feature above, people still seem to want to beat me up over it.UPDATE 2:CHANNELS:It needs to be said that some channels require cable/satellite subscriptions (to those channels) like HBO Go (not currently on this box), Showtime, ESPN, etc. Even if you have HBO, it does not mean that your provider allows the HBO Go, so look into that before purchasing any box with that in mind. I do like the Bloomberg TV (not available on Roku 3) App which actually features a LIVE TV feature.Netflix interface/app for this is the “older” style with the tall covers (like VHS boxes) instead of the “new” Netflix interface that uses short wide covers (like on Roku 3). Netflix has said they are moving everything to the new software but the Fire TV box doesn’t have it yet. That makes comparing performance harder from Roku 3 to Fire TV. On my ISP provider Comcast (Netflix recently agreed to pay Comcast so they have faster streams to customers) I do not see a HUGE improvement in performance in buffing like you see on other channels. What it does seem to do is start in better quality and/or speed the improvement in quality. My guess is that the Netflix app needs to be tweaked to maximize the performance of this hardware.Amazon’s own content does not loop–a “feature” they should add (and likely will). This means once you get to the end, it just stops instead of keeping going.VOICE SEARCH:Voice search DOES cover some 3rd party content, despite everyone reporting it works on Amazon’s content only. I have repeated confirmed it supports the VEVO app and will find music videos in that app. That may mean that other 3rd party apps are covered as well, or certainly might be able to be in the future.OPTICAL OUT:I noticed this box featured an optical out port but normally run everything through my LG TV (via HDMI) and then use an optical out to my receiver (so I never have to change the receiver’s settings) so I wasn’t excited about this addition to the Fire TV box over my Roku 3 boxes. I stand corrected. I decided to run my audio via the optical cable into the receiver directly from this Fire TV box (something that I can not do with Roku 3) and it fixed all random lip-sync issues I have from time to time on the Roku 3 box (and the same with the HDMI output on this box).Now I know this is not a typical setup for many people but I do know that tons of people have lip-sync issues with HDMI connections so being able to bypass the HDMI minefield is much more important than I expected.VEVO APP:This app works better than the Roku 3 app performance wise…one quick example is that some content simply fails on the Roku 3 app–try watching Britney Spears’s Work B**CH (don’t make fun of me!). Vevo can play this video fine on YouTube and on the Fire TV app but struggles on Roku 3′s app.REMOTE:I do miss the jump back button on the remote that Roku 3 features. It is a tiny thing but it once you are used to jumping back to see that painting in the background or catch that line that you didn’t hear because the phone rang, or someone was talking, you feel lost without it. Point to Roku 3. (0 FireTV, 1 Roku3)But I do like that the “enter” button is back in the center of the directional keys. This is the way it used to be on Roku boxes before someone at Roku decided to move it below the directional keys, so you have to move your thumb oddly to press it. Point to FireTV (1 FireTV, 1 Roku3)Hopefully this review has been helpful to you. If so, please let me know by clicking the button below.

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star40 tpng Amazon Fire TVReviewed after a thorough hands on, I’m Happy with it…
By Amadeus B. Klein
Watch Video Here: Feel Free to check out My unboxing and overview of the Fire TV!**Quick update about surround sound**The Fire Box Seems to default to Stereo, you need to go into settings and turn on “Dolby Digital Plus.” This can be found under the settings heading, under the far right setting box, then under Audio, you have to choose whether it will be Optical or HDMI. This should solve the no surround sound issues…I am not a vine member (Those folks do excellent reviews, I’m just not that lucky to be Vine yet), nor am I speaking to something I don’t own, By that I mean that I paid for it myself and here is my Experience so Far:Is it the best thing ever? No…Is it the worst thing ever? Nope, Not by a long shot…In fact, it’s up with the top streaming boxes when you take into account future app development…It’s a very good device, comparable to a Roku in most ways, some better some worse (Once apps start getting ported we’ll see what happens) but there is plenty of room to make a “FireTV 2″ much better in the future…So here’s my review:Overall the packaging came in perfect order, it was easy to open, and nothing was missing.Setup was simple, It took a few minutes thanks to a large initial update to download, but otherwise just as easy as setting up a kindle fire.Pros:Android Based (which means many apps coming and the potential to root and gain more featuresAbility to use Apps (Not just having to rely on what’s preloaded like to many older TV boxes and Bluray players)Accurate voice search – This one surprised me, It actually worked, Way better than Xbox Voice Commands or Siri, and Better than S Voice…Bluetooth remote (for some this is a con, but I don’t want another Wifi device jamming my crowded signal Read on to see why I think this)It’s not flashy – Matte Colors and no crazy lightsQuick to load – Just 28 seconds from Plug in to ready to stream (My Roku 3 takes 78 Seconds to do the same)Feels heavy – for the size it really has good heft (Doesn’t feel cheap)Only 1 white light on front, It is a bit bright but not a deal breakerDoes Dolby Digital sound Out (DTS, 5.1 Etc) Via Optical or HDMINetflix In HD (Some android based players couldn’t do this)Cons:Need to purchase separate gaming remoteNo Headphone jack in remoteLow on apps to start withNo Native DLNA Support (Hopefully Apps will fix that soon)No AC wireless band it has 5Ghz N but not ACCase can pick up fingerprints, but they remove easilyImmediate update after first plug in is big, Almost 900MB so it may take a whileThe power brick is bigger than I was hoping for, if you have a crowded power strip it might be an issuePlex is the only local media app available so far.Voice Search for media only works on Amazon Prime Videos, It will give you options to watch on netflix or Hulu if you go in, but if you want your personal network media you have to go into your app (Plex is the only one currently available) and search manually (Voice search kicks you back out to Amazon Video if you try it.Full Disclosure here I run 2 full HTPC’s and a Roku XD and Roku 3 in my house, so my expectations of how this will end up working are very high.To beat out my other devices it has to Play local media (From my HTPC Server), have better functioning Apps than my Roku and be easier to navigate than my HTPC setups are. It also needs to stream flawlessly and with as little buffering as possible (Netflix, Amazon Video, hulu, Etc.)So does it do this? So Close! But not quite…It is faster to stream than my Roku and HTPC when coming from internet sources, and it’s faster to play local media (Using the Plex App) But, right now Apps are not yet ported over, for me one of the most important ones is Mediabrowser 3, which powers my main HTPC setups and feeds local media to my Rokus, but Plex works fine, just without parental controls which I want…As far as lack of apps I’m not concerned with this as being android based it is simple for a dev to port them over and given that this will sell excellent regardless of the reviews here there will be thousands of apps coming in the next few weeks/months…My neighborhood is crowded with Wifi signals which makes interference a huge issue for me, the Roku 3 uses “Direct Wifi” to connect it’s remote, which means that there is another device that puts out a signal to interfere with your other ones, plus it uses the same channel as your router so you can’t even move channels to avoid the extra interference. It may not be much in most cases but in an uber crowded locale like mine it is a definite negative, the FireTV’s Bluetooth doesn’t seem to cause any wifi interference…Voice Serch, I was pleasantly surprised on this, it does in fact work, that being said in the middle of an action scene in 7.1 surround you will be hard pressed to make it hear you, but when navigating the main screens using voice search go me to every move or TV show I tried (Except, Ironically, since they use it as an example, Downton Abbey, It couldn’t find “Downtown Alley” LOL!)Roku VS FireTV:Roku has the edge currently with more/better apps, but this may not be the case in the near future when newer/better apps come out, But for pure speed the FireTV blows the Roku away, I’m streaming a movie from Netflix or local media before the Roku (XD or 3) has finished booting… (When both are unplugged and plugged in at the same time)HTPC VS FireTV:HTPC has the Edge, but that’s only because we are comparing a Core i7 PC with an Android based device, So honestly there is little competition, BUT The FireTV has Amazon instant Video as an App, On Windows 7 there is no Amazon “App” you can use plus a Hulu App which is no longer supported on PC, so the FireTV wins int hat aspect, but in overall functionality the FireTV isn’t a PC and therefore could never really compete, but who wants to has a full PC hooked to every TV in the house?Final thoughts:If you have a Roku XD or 3, you will not get much immediate bump other than speed by upgrading to the FireTV. If you have an older Roku or a WDTV or similar box you will see a noticeable benefit in upgrading to this device.APP Reviews:Plex – The only option for local network content as of this review, Costs 99 Cents, But works well, assuming you can put it on your PC or NAS…Youtube – Works well, easy to link to your personal accountHulu – Easy, Simple, Just like the Kindle appNetflix – Does HD and Surround sound also supports Profiles!Pandora – Works as it should, Easy to navigateAmazon Instant Video – Not exactly an app in the traditional sense, It provides content when you go under the various categories on the home screen…All Apps load Audio and/or Video very quickly…My Rating is 4 Stars:5 Stars for build Quality and OS design overall-.5 Stars for Lack of Apps at Launch-.25 Stars for lack of headset jack in remote-.25 stars for Lack of High Speed AC band WirelessSo 4 Stars Overall, Very good but room for improvement*My star rating may change with Usage over time, it may go up or down depending on how well the device performs*If you haven’t yet Check out my Video unboxing and quick overview of the FireTV!Just My Thoughts,AK

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star30 tpng Amazon Fire TVFire TV vs. Everything Else Streaming and Gaming
By A. Dent
As a current/former owner and user of streamers such as Roku 3, Roku Stick and Google’s Chromecast and also streaming/gaming platforms such as PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/One, I believe I can do a fair assessment on what Amazon’s Fire streamer is about and how it compares with the alternatives.BROAD ASSESSMENTThe Fire TV needs to find its place in a pretty crowded marketplace. From what I’ve experienced so far, due to its tight integration with the Fire HDX tablets and Amazon’s own Instant Video service it should be a great pick for anyone who owns the Amazon tablet and subscribes to Amazon’s Prime. Its ability to play games and the ease of downloading them should also appeal to most non-hard-core gamers. For everybody else, it’s depending on one’s needs and expectations, the Fire TV may or may not be the ‘right’ streamer to buy.Knowing how Amazon’s great readers and tablets evolved over time, it’s likely that Amazon will listen to ‘us’ and there will be a much more interesting, ‘new and improved’ gamer/streamer next year, much more capable and much better tuned to our needs and wants.CONTENTThe Fire TV offers most but not all mainstream services and I suspect it covers what most of us will ever want to access but for anyone who wants more variety, Amazon’s selection pales when compared to Roku’s 1000+ channels. Most of the mainstream services now on Fire TV are also available on Roku, PS3/4, Xbox 360/One and many on Google’s Chromecast.Fire TV attempts to be a little different when it comes to accessing content, allowing for voice search. A similar feature is available on Roku platforms, only it requires some typing. Amazon’s attempt to predict and preload what we are most likely to watch will have to be assessed over a longer period of time so, time will tell.The soon to be implemented parental controls should differentiate and distinguish Amazon’s product from the competition once they are implemented.INNOVATIONAmazon’s great innovative, revolutionary, disruptive device was the Kindle reader and the enhanced Kindle Paperwhite. I suspect that thousands of acres of trees are still known as ‘forests’ instead of ‘recyclable material’ these days because of the Kindle. Amazon’s Fire tablets are nice but they are… tablets. The Fire TV streamer/gaming device falls probably under ‘okay streamers’ and ‘not too bad’ gaming platforms.At a time when the ‘stick’ format seems to be where streamers are, the Fire TV looks a little large considering its lacking a large built-in storage but it should fit nicely and easily next to a TV. A quad-core CPU is also nice to have but, whether I’m streaming on a significantly more powerful PS4 or a tiny one-core CPU Chromecast, the video/audio quality seems to be comparable and practically indistinguishable. I assume that the reason for a more powerful CPU is the game-playing part.Preloading shows in its 8GB storage may be a good thing but anyone who has a ‘metered’ Internet service may not appreciate or want this feature.The lack of large storage implies that, as a gaming platform, the Fire TV will allow for mostly small to medium-size games with a lot of cloud interaction and storage. Again, a feature that may not be suitable for those whose ISPs charge by the Megabyte or impose a monthly download quota on their customers.I would say that Amazon’s streamer is solidly in the mainstream as far as innovation. It’s a quality product but not a revolutionary one and that’s Okay.VALUEThere’s very little that Amazon’s Fire TV does that other platforms don’t do.- The PS3/4 and the Xbox 360/One are vastly superior gaming platforms and equally good streamers and multimedia machines. Only they are much larger physically and cost significantly more.- The Chromecast and the Rokus are a lot more innovative and allow for a lot more flexibility and integrate nicely with tablets and PCs and allow for streaming personal content without being limited to a specific brand or model of tablet. They are also more difficult to setup.- Roku is still the leader of ‘content’ but Amazon’s selection should cover what most of us want to watch most of the time.- The Fire TV costs a lot more than a Roku or a Chromecast but, even if a gaming controller is added, is still less than a PS3 or an Xbox 360WHO NEEDS IT?Anyone who already has one or more Roku, Chromecast or Xbox, Playstation in their homes probably don’t need one at this time. Unless they are tightly integrated into Amazon’s ecosystem or are cable cutters who wish some tighter controls over what their kids are watching.Those who are looking for their first streamer should consider- Fire TV’s ease of use (beats the Chromecast but it’s probably on par with Roku and the Xbox/Playstations)- Amazon’s great user support- Roku’s enormous channels selection- Playstation and Xbox being clearly superior gaming platforms (if you don’t mind paying up to $60 for one game)- Amazon’s attempt to keep their users confined to Amazon’s own hardware platforms and content streams vs. Roku’s and Chromecast relative openness- Fire TV’s split gaming/streaming personality (Jack of 2 trades) vs. Roku’s and Chromecast focus on streaming- Price, of courseIt’s not an easy decision to make. I would be very happy with the Fire TV is it was the first streamer device in my house. With so many stream-capable and game-playing boxes/sticks already operating and doing well, I like Amazon’s Fire TV for being a well designed, capable streamer with some nice extra capabilities but I also like and I’ve been using the Rokus for their huge number of channels and portability and great interface and the Chromecast for allowing me to easily send whatever is in my Chrome browser to the TV. I may not have the the Fire TV attached to the big TV in the living room but our daughter who happens to be a faithful Kindle and Amazon Prime user is very likely to ask for it in her room.

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