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“While Panasonic Plasma TVs have a reputation of being great performers, their increasingly growing LCD TV lineup also deserves consideration, and the TC-L42ET5 is definitely an LCD TV to consider.”, (August 20, 2012)

——————————————————————————————————————————The ET5 series features the IPS LED panel, a slim design, a brilliant picture and is available in three screen sizes — TC-L42ET5 (42-inch class), the TC-L47ET5 (47-inch class), and the TC-L55ET5 (55-inch class). The ET5 series comes with 4 pairs of polarized 3D glasses.

VIERA Connect IPTV – More Fun Comes Via a Cloud Servicevieraconnect opt. V134816315  Panasonic VIERA TC L42ET5 42 Inch 1080p 60HZ

VIERA Connect is a cloud service that provides apps in categories like video and music, social networking, games, news and lifestyle, sports, health and fitness. Learn more about the world of Smart VIERA and VIERA Connect here. Enhance your TV Experience with Popular AppsPopular apps on VIERA Connect include Netflix, Instant Video, Facebook, Twitter, Wall Street Journal, and huluplus, all optimized for the best user experience. You can have an unlimited number of apps installed because those apps are stored in the cloud, rather than in the TV memory itself.Learn more about “smart” TVs, how they work, what services are offered by different manufacturers, and exactly what you’ll need to get started at ‘s Smart TV Center.Clicker – Video on Demand Cross SearchingFind your favorite movies and video content easily with one-step searching, which allows you to cross search from multiple VOD services. For ease-of-use, use the quick keyword input on VIERA Connect to help retrieve your desired content faster. Customize your screen by grouping commonly used apps and displaying them on the screen for easier use.VIERA Remote App Support The VIERA remote app lets you use a smartphone or tablet device as a remote control. Tap and flick-based commands are intuitive. Use your smartphone as a gamepad for VIERA Connect game applications or your tablet as a touch pad to control what you do on the TV screen. Display the same web pages on both your VIERA screen and your smartphone with a simple flick. Simply “swipe” and share your favorite photos, music, and movies from your smartphone to your VIERA TV anytime.                      gamepad optimized. V134817437  Panasonic VIERA TC L42ET5 42 Inch 1080p 60HZ      mediaflick optimized. V134816114  Panasonic VIERA TC L42ET5 42 Inch 1080p 60HZ           remotecontrol app opt. V134816095  Panasonic VIERA TC L42ET5 42 Inch 1080p 60HZCommunicate with Family and FriendsThe social networking TV app allows you to access social network sites and communicate with your loved ones while watching TV. Watch live sports games while upping the excitement by chatting with your friends as the game unfolds. Record an original message and set it as your answering voice message. Callers can record messages onto an SD Card (min. 512MB required), while you are away. *Skype camera not included with TV purchase

Beautiful Images from Anywhere – Wide Viewing Anglewideviewingangle. V137685806  Panasonic VIERA TC L42ET5 42 Inch 1080p 60HZ

The IPS LED Panel panel delivers a wide 178° viewing angle, you see clear, vibrant images from every seat in the room. The backlight features a wide transmission aperture that enhances contrast between light and dark and improves response to provide smoother motion images.

Share Content on the Large Screen with 2D-3D Conversion

Unique Panasonic technology converts 2D images into high-quality 3D in real-time. The 3D effect is natural and realistic. Enjoy Blu-ray movies, DVD movies and even ordinary TV broadcasts in 3D. The Super Resolution function allows images that were converted from 2D to 3D to be displayed in sharp, clear 3D images. Learn more about Panasonic’s true-to-life Full HD 3D technology here. Learn more about 3D, how it works, and exactly what you’ll need to enjoy 3D at home at our 3D Center.

Expressive, Lifelike Colors and Beautifully Reproduced Crisp Lines

Diagonal lines and edges are detected with high precision for all types of images, and optimal correction is applied to achieve beautiful, noise-free lines. People’s faces are detected and skin tones are corrected to ensure soft, natural complexions.

The Perfect Smart TV Experience: A Suite of Technologies

DLNA/Built-in Wi-Fibuiltin opt. V135191447  Panasonic VIERA TC L42ET5 42 Inch 1080p 60HZThe ET5 series has DLNA compatibility and built-in Wi-Fi which gives you even more layout flexibility.360 Backlight ScanningBy increasing the panel refresh to 120Hz with a 3-phase backlight system, crystals are more active and responsive than 120Hz standard systems to minimize image softening under motion. 360 backlight scanning allows for smooth images, without flicker, even in fast-moving scenes. Afterimages are thoroughly reduced by finer blinking. 

Operate Multiple Systems with Just One Remote Control through VIERA Link

The ET5 features VIERA Link, a technology that allows a consumer to operate all VIERA Link compatible AV components using only the TV’S remote control. Just point the VIERA remote at your TV, and the signal will travel over the HDMI wires to the right piece of equipment, like your Panasonic Blu-ray or DVD player or Home Cinema Surround System.

Environmentally Friendly

The new and improved high efficient LED/LCD panels reduce targeted power consumption up to 25% over the 2011 models. The ET5 series is Energy Star certified and has a long-life panel.

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Panasonic VIERA TC-L42ET5 42-Inch 1080p 60HZ (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Size: 42-Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: TC-L42ET5
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 28.00″ h x
    6.00″ w x
    47.00″ l,
    30.90 pounds
  • Hard Disk: 500GB
  • Native resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Display size: 42


  • Full HD 3D with 4 pairs of Polarized 3D Glasses
  • IPS LED Panel
  • Vera CONNECT with Built-in Wi-Fi and Web Browser
  • 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty (TV)
  • Thin LED Design: TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): 39.3-Inch x 23.8-Inch x 1.6-Inch, TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 39.3-Inch x 25.6-Inch x 9.8-Inch

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

258 of 268 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Panasonic VIERA TC L42ET5 42 Inch 1080p 60HZRecommend the ET5 Series for Best-In-Class Picture, 3D and IPTV
By “D”
I bought this TV for a very bright room with lots of sunlight, as this IPS LED seemed brighter than any plasma display, and without the energy draw or heat of a plasma. I’m exceptionally happy with this great TV on many levels.Highlights of why I like this television:I have seen the future and it’s clearly LED. The picture quality of this LED TV is top-notch. The brightness and the colors are fantastic, showing a truly stunning picture with an extremely wide viewing angle from the sides that really is a hair away from 180°. It’s also very bright, noticeably brighter than a plasma TV. While it’s not quite as good at displaying pure black and picture uniformity in comparison to high-end videophile plasmas that costs thousands more, it’s really not far off. It’s the best I’ve seen from an LCD/LED set and as good or better than mainstream plasmas.From reading Internet forums, I appear to be the one person on the planet who prefers motion interpolation, which Panasonic calls “Motion Picture Setting” and this TV allows four settings: Off/Weak/Medium/Strong. Basically, I prefer life-like video, with natural motion that feels like I am watching in-person on a stage or set rather than film or video, and “Strong” pretty much delivers that. 1080p HD sources look like I’m watching a play with the action unfolding live in front of me. For sports, the experience is unrivaled and truly pulls you into the action. Or, if you hate this so-called “Soap Opera Effect” and prefer traditional film/video movement, then you can turn this feature off. And if you need very fast response, there’s also a Game mode.I was completely unprepared for being blown away by this TV’s 3D picture. I’ve played with 3D TV before, but somehow other TVs with bulky electro-mechanical active shutter 3D glasses always let me down due to the flicker, which distracted me from enjoying the 3D effect. I tried an LG passive 3D TV last year, and the effect was “dulled” compared to active 3D TV so I wrote off the whole 3D-at-home thing as immature technology. Not any more. The state-of-the-art has apparently changed in one year. This TV is the best of both worlds (active-like effect/passive-like ease and no flicker) and comes with four pairs of lightweight passive polarized 3D theater glasses (TY-EP3D10), and frankly, the effect is amazing with none of the flicker of active glasses. I watched several Blu-ray 3D movies along with my cable company’s 3D channels and 3D VOD. All I can say is… wow. It’s not only very watchable, it’s incredible. Movies are flat-out fun. Sports on ESPN 3D are amazing. Interestingly, the TV has a 2D-3D conversion function which is really quite good; although it lacks the deep depth of native 3D content, whatever magic it uses to turn 2D into 3D is remarkably effective. I had no idea passive 3D TV could be this good.The TV has a good array of inputs: 4 HDMI 1.4 ports with ARC, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 set of component (Y/Pb/Pr) or composite video & analog stereo audio RCA connectors (via included proprietary adapter), 1 PC VGA connector, 1 coax RF port, 1 SDXC card slot, and 1 Fast Ethernet jack. WiFi is built-in, with no dongle required, and therefore does not take up a USB port. The TV’s black stand and black/clear frame are attractive, making it look stylish in my living room. And the glossy black remote is very nice, with illuminated buttons.Internet TV is via Panasonic’s smart TV system called VIERA Connect. It’s simple, and has applications included for subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV and others. I stream videos from Amazon Prime and it works great with high quality HD. Another standout is the Skype app, which requires the optional TY-CC20W camera with inbound calls integrated into the watching experience. Audio and video Skype calls can be received or dismissed while watching something else, and the overall Skype experience is simple and straightforward with very high quality video calls. Outbound calls require going into VIERA Connect, and then launching Skype. Perhaps initiating an outbound call while watching other content could also be similarly better integrated in the future with fewer button presses?Sound is very good for a flat screen TV, and is certainly more than I was expecting. Don’t expect miracles, the integrated speakers are small and on the bottom of the frame facing down, and compared with an external sound bar or home theater system they’re missing bass and some midrange. But, for a panel TV, the sound is really very good.Quibbles, as overall it’s still an outstanding TV:The digital audio out (TOS{utfx-60-20} optical) doesn’t pass through everything, as surround sound (DD/DTS) does not get passed from HDMI connections (silence or static instead) and audio from Skype is not passed at all (probably for echo-cancellation reasons). In both cases the TV speakers still work if enabled.The VIERA Remote App on iOS slow and clunky, although I suppose it’s nice to have it as an option. It makes the iPhone vibrate with every remote button press. I found it not a particularly useful gadget compared to the normal infrared remote.By default, the TV shows sponsored banner ads upon startup (VIERA Connect Banner) and in the VIERA Connect app selection screen. I suppose this pervasive advertising is the future of digital media, but it seems unnecessarily intrusive on your own TV as it’s turning on. You can disable the startup advertisement, and move the VIERA Connect ad app to another app page with seldom-used applications. However, if you disable the startup banner ad, and you try to use IPTV in the first 15 seconds or so after turning the TV on, you get an error message saying the TV needs an Internet connection.The DLNA Media Player isn’t quite full-featured enough to be the primary home network media player for me, even though its user interface is fast and simple. The first major flaw is that while it plays many media formats, such as MKV/H.264, it doesn’t support some exceptionally common media formats like AVI files (“Cannot read file”). What is perplexing is the FAQ on the Panasonic web site says certain AVI files are supported. It may not be that AVI is the actual problem, but any media in any container encoded with MPEG-4 Visual such as DivX/Xvid/Nero Direct/3ivx/QuickTime 6 video codecs (“Cannot read file”) and that just happens to be the most common format for AVI video. Also, media encoded with a DTS audio codec plays without any audio (“Audio format not supported”); it would have been nice if digital audio would at least be passed unmodified through to the digital audio out port. Other formats trip it up as well. I tried a media file that contained two audio tracks (one in German, the second in English) and while the menu appeared like one could choose which track plays, it only displayed and played the first track. The second major flaw is that it immediately begins playing the highlighted video in a preview window as you move up and down your list of media, including its audio, which is not only annoying but also places a burden on the media server if the media needs transcoding. This might be the case, for example, if you configure your DLNA Media Server to transcode AVI/MPEG-4/DTS files in order to even have them play at all with this TV’s media player.The only complete miss on this TV: I found the web browser pure misery to use with the included infrared remote. While I could fumble through navigation using the VIERA Remote App from my iPhone, I couldn’t get any site with video to work. It’s one of the worst overall web browsing experiences I’ve ever encountered. In my opinion, the web browser is essentially unusable unless used as an instrument of torture. In such cases, I suspect it would be effective in extracting information from the most hardened target. (“I’ll talk, just make it stop!”)But, the issues are minor compared to the positives: the best-in-class plasma-beating picture, 3D quality and great IPTV functionality. Overall, this is a great TV.

226 of 247 people found the following review helpful.
star30 tpng Panasonic VIERA TC L42ET5 42 Inch 1080p 60HZa lot to like, but….
By JoshJosh
I picked this TV to replace an older Samsung LCD; my primary uses are games, sports, and the occasional movie. I used it for 2 weeks steadily.This TV was easy to set up – it found my Wi-Fi network quickly and offered a firmware update which installed without hassle. The remote is easy to use and the menus are responsive. The settings are, unfortunately, few, as it seems to lack advanced picture controls (white balance and the like). However, working with what I had, I used the Disney WOW Blu-Ray to calibrate. The end results turned out to be very similar to “custom mode.”The picture quality was good. Colors are great and I found motion handling to be very good. I didn’t notice any “soap opera effect” – motion looked good to me. The one issue is that the default black setting (“Dark”) crushed like crazy – no details could be found in dark scenes, and it was impossible to calibrate games (you know – “move the cursor until you barely see the logo”). Changing it to “light” resolved the issue, though.I don’t have much to say on sound quality – it seemed loud and clear, but lacking “punch.” I use a cheap Sony sound bar, and the sound on the TV definitely wasn’t even close to that. Thankfully, the TV has an optical out so setup was not a hassle. I plugged in my cable box, PS3, and 360 to the TV through HDMI and routed the optical cord to the sound bar.This is my first 3D TV so I was eager to try out the 3D. Panasonic thankfully includes four glasses, which were a good side and fit comfortably even over my regular glasses. I am not well-versed on the difference between passive and active sets but this looked good. Some games looked great (Killzone 3, Super Stardust), some looked muddy and undetailed (Gears 3, Resistance 3). The TV even has a weird 2D-to-3D mode which can turn regular content into 3D. I tried it with a basketball game and it wasn’t bad, though I wouldn’t use it that much.Game support was just fine. With game mode turned off, games were pretty choppy and tore a lot, but with game mode on, it was smooth and responsive. I don’t have a way to accurately measure lag but it seemed very good to me – 1-2 frames at most. The games I played looked good and Street Fighter was responsive – no complaints at all there.So. Good gaming, good picture, good 3D. Everything’s great, right? Unfortunately not. The big problem with my set was banding, which is basically issues with uniformity in the backlight. The light is not distributed evenly which causes vertical bands to show up. Make no mistake – this is noticeable in certain content, and it detracts from the experience. Soccer matches and games with bright vistas (think Crysis or something like that) look dingy. It’s gross, and unfortunately a dealbreaker. The set was returned.I’m not happy about it, but this is an inevitability when margins are so tight and competition is so fierce. I mean, most people probably won’t notice it, but I do. It’s quite possibly that I just got a bad panel, but it’s possible I didn’t. In my research, this appears to be a common issue with all LEDs, from all manufacturers. So just be careful when you consider this or any other TV.

59 of 62 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng Panasonic VIERA TC L42ET5 42 Inch 1080p 60HZExcellent bargain LED 3D TV!
By Pablo Ortega
After finding out about this TV and making my research, I was hooked. I bought this TV and loved the color, although a bit saturated I called geek squad and got it ISF calibrated. The settings are as followed:Picture Mode: CustomPicture Temperature: WarmContrast (Picture): 88Brightness: 62Color (Saturation): 65Hue (Tint) +3Sharpness 50Backlight: 35Red Drive (Gain, High) 78Green Drive ( Gain, High) 59Blue Drive (Gain, High) 41Red Cutoff (bias, offset) 88Green Cutoff (Bias offset) 80Blue Cutoff (bias, offset) 89After the settings were implemented the TV looked true to life, even though there is minor brightness adjusting to be made to the TV when in 3D .. the color is fairly excellent for the price.3D: 4/5Movies: 5/5TV SHOWS: 5/5Sports 5/5Definitely a TV to get..PS: You will need to get into the service menu to access the settings from Red Drive and forward.Not sure how to access the service menu, a quick google search will help.THANKS FOR READING!!!

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