Sony Bravia KDL-55HX729 55-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV with Built-In Wi-Fi

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Sony KDL-55HX729 55″ LED 3D HDTVFull HD 1080p, LED backlit, X-Reality Engine, Internet TV for streaming entertainment, Wi-Fi Ready, USB input, advancedpower saving features.HX729 Bravia Engine powered by LED TV capable of 3D technology : Sony Bravia HX729 3D LED TV is the latest LED TV in the Sony Bravia Market today. The Sony Bravia HX729 3D LED TV comes in line with the HX Series. It is one series down with the Sony Bravia HX820 and to clearthings up is different fom the Sony Bravia NX720 3D LED TV.

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Sony Bravia KDL-55HX729 55-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV with Built-In Wi-Fi (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #68246 in Consumer Electronics
  • Color: black
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: KDL55HX729
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 35.60″ h x
    6.60″ w x
    56.90″ l,
    44.50 pounds
  • Native resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Display size: 55


  • Remote Control (RM-YD061)
  • AC Power Cord
  • Table Top Stand

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Customer Reviews

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star50 tpng Sony Bravia KDL 55HX729 55 Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV with Built In Wi FiGreat HDTV! Amazing Picture Quality. SONY does it Again.
By paper tiger
*** Before reading this review understand that watching a movie on a new TV right out of the box will not provide the best picture. I spent hours and hours perfecting the settings and features of this 3D HDTV before I even tried to watch something. This Sony 3D HDTV has a huge amount of options and when set just right, you will not believe your eyes.Pros:+ Amazing Picture Quality. Clean crisp images with amazing depth.+ Netflix, Amazon and other streaming programs launch and run easily.+ The Sony menu system while watching is great. Change options and features as you watch.+ Very beautiful TV. It is a work of art and even while off I can’t stop looking at it.+ Built in WiFi+ Built in 3D TransmitterCons:- Sound is not the best. The speakers are mounted in the lower bottom of the set which is nice because they are hidden, however this greatly hinders the audio quality. This is not an issue to me though as I have never used a TV’s built in speakers to watch a flick.- The TV itself is a little wobbly. The stand is quite simple and seems almost too light to hold the TV up. But this goes with the simple clean look of the new Sony HDTV’s. I ended up mounting my TV to the wall and I think it looks great up there.- Not really much of a physical manual. It is actually on the TV in the menu. “i-Manual”.I purchased the Sony KDL55HX729 55″ Class Widescreen 3D LED HDTV over the Sony BRAVIA EX 500 Series 55-Inch LCD TV, Black due to the built in WiFi and the built in 3D glasses transmitter. They are not too expensive purchase separately, however the less extra junk I have sitting around the better. I like that everything is built in and it was well worth the extra money.This is a great Sony 3D HDTV. I have seen Samsung 3D and Panasonic 3D and I would say this is just as good, if not better. I watched Resident Evil: Afterlife [Blu-ray 3D]in 3D the night I got it and I was blown away. But I honestly didn’t buy this TV for the 3D. I was simply looking forward to an upgrade from my 6 year old 52″ SONY HDTV, which was great, however so much new technology has been released.My old Sony HDTV had a large frame with speakers in the front and a “glass” frame around it. It took up about 4 1/2 inches of space on each side, which was pretty, but very unnecessary. The KDL-55HX729 has a very simply clean design with hardly any frame and the speakers are hidden one the bottom/back. The screen is quite reflective, however this is not an issue while viewing. It simply makes it clearer while it is on and a little nicer to look at while it’s off.One of the first things I watch was Life (narrated by David Attenborough) [Blu-ray]on Blu-ray. LIFE is an HD nature documentary type program. Watching this blew me away, especially while watching the close-ups of the little bugs and reptiles. The color and depth felt incredibly realistic and very true to how nature intended.One gripe I had as compared to my old LCD TV (non LED) is the LED lighting on this TV is much more noticeable. When the screen is black, I can see some very minor spotlighting or flash-lighting or whatever you want to call it. This is where the LED light is. Also when the screen has a large white moving object on it I can see thin hazy dark lines that I believe is the frame-work that holds rows of lights behind the screen. I noticed this while watching LIFE and there was an above shot of an iceberg and then the camera moved upward. While the camera was still I really couldn’t see these lines in the screen, however when the camera shifted upward it was noticeable. So when the screen is still and white you really can’t see the lines. However they popped out to me when there was large white movement with darker backgrounds surrounding it. This could just be me nitpicking, however I thought it was worth mentioning. It is nothing worth returning the TV over.Another small gripe is the sturdiness of the stand that upon this beautiful expensive TV sits. The TV pivots and turns, which is nice, however I think they would have been better off taking the flexibility away and simply making a strong sturdy stand. I would say mounting this TV to a strong wall or an equipped TV stand may be a better option if you are worried. But this TV is about 6 inches thinner than my last TV. I think I may just not be used to something so much smaller and less bulky.The Sony Xcross menu system is great as always. Internet programs and Netflix are great and fast. The movement of the menus, programs and simply turning on and off is very smooth and simple. The options are great. There are a few new options that I had to mess around with and test out, however the basic brightness and contrast are the same settings I had on my old Sony HDTV. There is a slight learning curve with an LED HDTV. The light is slightly different, and as a rule for me with TV’s, I always lower the backlighting and up the brightness. Keeping the backlight down will increase the life of the TV, plus a backlight set too high will give washed out images. Simply up the brightness if you feel it is too dark.Due to the amazingly realistic picture quality I can over look some of the smaller issues with this TV. It is the closest to perfect I have ever seen. The design, PQ and features make this a piece of beautiful artwork that I am proud to display in my home. I highly recommend this series of Sony 3D HDTV’s and look forward to this baby for years and years. Also I purchased a 4-year warrantee from SquareTrade for under $250. Well worth it for piece of mind.*** Update ***I have now owned this Sony HDTV for over a year now and I have run into some very minor slight issues. One issue was a dead pixel after 6-8 months of ownership, which does happen no matter who makes your HDTV. However Sony was great and came and replaced the panel right away. Another issue was that the TV would simply restart (turn off, then back on) from time to time. Again, it was very minor and it was only a few times. Sony troubleshoot’ed some common issue with me, I reset to factory defaults with no change, and then they came a replaced one of the small boards in the TV. This fixed the issue and I have not had any issues since. I still love this TV and highly recommend it.

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star50 tpng Sony Bravia KDL 55HX729 55 Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV with Built In Wi Fiunderrated
By Kevin K
**Before you read this review please know I had no chance to test the 3D! It was of little importance to me, and I didn’t have glasses icon sad Sony Bravia KDL 55HX729 55 Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV with Built In Wi Fi **I was able to borrow 5 different 2011 LED televisions to do a comparison in home. So this will be a review/comparison of the Sony and other sets. Among the contenders was this Sony HX729, Sony NX720, Samsung D6400, LG LW5600 and Sharp LE835u. Whew! (i know) After days of testing, tweaking, watching, my top pick was this Sony HX729. A *very* close runner up was the Sony NX720 or Samsung.. but they just didn’t have the black levels or response time to match the Sony.Highlights of this TV:Deep black levels (for LCD/LED)Fast pixel responseGreat motion handlingAlmost zero ghostinglow input lag (for gaming)Lowlights:speakers are pretty badContrast AND Brightness diminishes quickly when moving off-angle. (LG was AWFUL in *dark* scenes when moving off angle.. had severe black washout.)Needs more fine-tune color calibration controls.Clouding (they ALL had some degree of clouding, more or less)Sony remote is just strangeThe clouding issue was pretty mild on both Sonys. (the Sharp was TERRIBLE).. but your milage may vary.If you plan to watch this TV from all different spots in a large room, you may want to steer clear due to viewing angle losses. I sit on my couch directly in front of the set 99% so its not a big factor for me.The Sony NX720 gets a lot of buzz on CNET and other sites, but I can assure you the HX729 set a better set. The only thing the NX720 has over the HX729 is the “monolithic design” and slim/hidden connectors in the rear. Please know the HX729 has antenna and component connectors facing directly rearward, making a flush wall-hang very difficult! The Sony NX720 and Samsung are hidden/flush. If you don’t plan to hang your TV, its a non-issue.

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star50 tpng Sony Bravia KDL 55HX729 55 Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV with Built In Wi FiAwesome
By M. Haider
WHY THIS MODEL:I bought this TV through Amazon last week and it arrived a few days ago. I’ve had a good amount of time to play with all its capabilities. The out of the box settings are not that good, so the settings do need some adjustment. This TV is an unbelievable deal coming from SONY as it has the EXACT same specifications as the more expensive HX820. The only difference is that the HX820 has monolithic gorilla glass design. I’ve compared this TV with both the EX720 and the HX820 and this TV delivers a picture almost identical to the HX820 for a much cheaper price than the HX820. The original listing price for the 46HX820 is $2,600 while my 46HX729 was originally listed for $1,900. Trust me, $700 more just for just the monolithic gorilla glass on the HX729 is not worth it. Don’t by into the opti-contrast gimmick that Sony says monolithic gorilla glass provides, the HX729 creates black as black as the black frame. I was originally looking to buy the EX720, but after finding out that the panel frequency on that model is actually only 120hz, I settled on this model which is the cheapest SONY 3D TV with 240hz panel frequency. (The EX720 is motion-flow 240, however its actually frequency is only 120hz.) Specification wise, this TV is much better than the EX720 in multiple categories such that the Hz is twice as fast, it has X-reality PRO*(2 processing chips instead of 1), dynamic LED, local dimming, etc. It also the cheapest model to have wifi and the 3d transmitter built it. Surprisingly, it has a glossy display. I thought that this display was the same as the EX720 which is semi-matte but this TV definitely looks more glossy than semi-matte (That’s a plus to me because matte can distort the sharpness a little bit) As far as LCD TV’s I couldn’t find any other LCD with 240hz panel frequency for this price that looked this good. I would say that this is the best quality/price ratio you will find.2D PICTURE:The 2d non-HD picture is actually pretty good on this TV. The problem with buying decently sized HD televisions is that they seem to stretch out and distort an SD(standard definition) signal. Surprisingly, the X-Reality Pro engine does a nice job tuning up an SD input. Of course, it doesn’t make the picture look HD but makes it look better than many other HD TVs will make the SD picture look. As far as HD picture, my girlfriend and I cannot stop saying how incredible and real the picture looks. So far, I have tested BBC’s Life series on here in 1080p and he scenes look unbelievably crystal clear with the most vivid colors on a TV I have ever seen. It literally gives a 3D effect without 3D. It looks so clear that it seems like we are actually there watching something through our binoculars. There is absolutely no ghosting effect or distortion whatsoever. The only bad thing I can say is that the picture is so clear that you can sometimes tell when the filmer did not have the camera completely in focus. As far as the motion flow 480, I watched one of the NBA finals game last night and there is no jitter, it is completely smooth. The only downside to using 480 Motionflow is that the back-light is dimmed. I find using the 240hz panel frequency know as the “clear” setting as opposed to “clear pro” setting is the best. I also was able to test out streaming HD content through Netflix. Although the picture was not as good as it was through the blu-ray player it was still pretty clear. But trust me, content through the blu-ray player doesn’t even look like you’re looking at a TV. The last thing I really like about this TV is how many settings there are for the picture, there must be at least 50 different settings categorized into about 15 groups. As far as the things I don’t like(but don’t really care about), is that I notice a very tiny amount of light on the bottom corners of the screen when the screen is black. When I say tiny amount I mean about a cm^2 of noticeably brighter back-light. It’s no big deal though as when watching Life I only saw it every 2 hours or so for a split second. The other thing I didn’t don’t like is that the back light is a litter bit dim without adjustment. I turned up the white levels and turned on some setting when I got it and it looks fine now.3D PICTURE:After ordering a defective pair of glasses and replacing them, I finally got a chance to test out the 3d. Even the simulated 3d is amazing. The simulated (2d to 3d conversion) doesn’t pop out at you dramatically, but it adds so much depth to the picture. It looks as if you where looking into a window and watching what was going on inside. The real 3d content is identical to the experience you would have in a theater. The 480hz motion flow and the panel frequency of 240hz makes the 3d nearly flawless. Very rarely you will see a double image but that can be fixed by turning down the glasses brightness setting.GAMING:I used to play video games a lot when I was younger but slowly stopped playing as I got older. Nonetheless, when I got this TV i decided to whip out the xbox. Ever since, I’ve been playing a few hours a week. This TV is amazing for gaming. It has a game mode that you can put it on, by doing so you can select if you want quality or speed. The speed setting greatly reduces input lag to a point where it seems like there is none. The quality setting helps with motion blur.Content:This TV is loaded with content. Amazon and Netflix have content in HD. The only downside is that this TV does not have VUDU. However, you can always buy a blu-ray player that comes with Vudu.Design:I was having second thoughts after I had ordered this 46 inch TV. I was honestly thinking 46 inches would be too small. However, I found out that a 46 inch TV looks remarkably smaller in a store than it will in your home. While unpacking this TV I thought they had sent me the 55inch TV by accident. This 46inch TV in you’re home will look like a 55inch TV looks in a store. Unless you’re watching your TV from 20 feet away, you really don’t need a 55 inch TV. A 55 inch TV will look tacky and overpowering if you don’t have the room. I also really like the thinness and small frame size, it’s very compact. The screen finish is very nice as well. When I had ordered this TV I was having second thought about getting a semi-matte or matte screen since it can distort the sharpness of the picture. However, this TV didn’t turn out to be matte or semi-matte at all. Maybe I don’t know what semi-matte is, but I can definitely see clear undistorted reflections of my room and myself when the TV is off. This TV just looks expensive.Sound:The sound is not the best. It’s not bad but it’s just average. You can hear everything very clearly with no distortion, however, it won’t provide the sound dimensions that external speakers will.Overall:As I stated, this TV is the best quality/price LCD you will probably find. It is the cheapest Sony TV that provides the panel frequency of 240Hz and X-Reality Pro engine that the flagship HX929 provides. It is also the exact same spec-wise as the HX820 but for a price closer to the lower end models; NX, EX, etc. Disregarding the great specifications, this TV will bring an amazingly real picture to your living room.

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