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Portable photo printer delivers full-bleed borderless images that are dry to the touch : Features automatic image quality optimization with water-resistant, tear-proof, smudge-proof and peel-off prints : Prints 3 x 4-inch borderless color images in under a minute : Wireless-capable Bluetooth hard drive interface; USB 2.0 hard drive interface : For use with digital cameras and select cell phones

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #17557 in Consumer Electronics
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Polaroid
  • Model: GL10
  • Dimensions: 1.00″ h x
    4.50″ w x
    5.80″ l,
    1.00 pounds


  • Portable photo printer delivers full-bleed borderless images that are dry to the touch
  • Features automatic image quality optimization with water-resistant, tear-proof, smudge-proof and peel-off prints
  • Prints 3 x 4-inch borderless color images in under a minute
  • Wireless-capable Bluetooth hard drive interface; USB 2.0 hard drive interface
  • For use with digital cameras and select cell phones

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

48 of 49 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng It’s not perfect, but it’s worth $100
By S. Kosloske
I was really torn between giving this 4 or 5 stars. While there are no real problems with the little printer, it’s not “perfect”, so I’m going to try to justify my 4 star rating.It works great. Install the battery and film pack, charge it up, and go. I’ve tested it via the GL10 application on my Mac, and by transferring a file over BlueTooth. They both work exactly as they should.Picture quality – now here’s the issue I have. Since you’re printing pictures, should the quality be the number 1 issue? Obviously you can’t expect the world from a $100 pocket printer, so from my first couple of tests, I would say the quality is “good enough”. Of course, I haven’t tested different file sizes, and the issue I had with the first 2 prints may be that they are scaled down too much, and that is hurting the quality. The pics look great, till you get in close, and then you can see they’re obviously digital prints. I still need to play with the input file sizes to see if I just need to pick an “optimum” size. So I’m going to rate this as really good for a $100 pocket printer. Much better than I had hoped, actually. But it may require specific size input files to get the best printouts.The “film” is kind of pricey. Of course, you can get it on-line for less than list price, but $20 for 30 prints seems a bit high??? Of course, these don’t require any ink, so again, that’s debatable.The one complaint I do have is support. The first printer I got was DOA. Would not power up or connect no matter what I did. No help files, FAQ, drivers, anything really on Polaroid’s page. So, I used Amazon’s great return policy and just ordered a new one. 2nd one worked fine. But the instructions say “get the GL10 application”. OK, where? I had to do some searching to find how to get to the link. Just bad support/design, in my opinion. Their web page just has some very simple info on the products and a big “Buy Now” button. Where’s the user manuals, etc? Polaroid, fix this, please.Bottom line, this thing is awesome. I can carry it with my camera/cell phone, and as long as I have film and a charged battery, I can print directly from either my pocket camera, my SLR or my phone easily. Still need more experimentation with file sizes, I have a feeling that 13mega-pixel prints on the 4×3 film is pushing the limits a bit much, but that really is to be expected. Would be nice if they provided a recommended pic size, though. The manual isn’t good for much more than how to read the status of the lights, and what the BlueTooth code is.

52 of 58 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng What I’ve been waiting for
By M. S. Markert
The GL-10 is what I’ve been waiting for all these years.After searching for an instant photo solution, and no matter what I tried, I was never quite happy. I own 5 working polaroid cameras (3 land cameras, an SLR-5 Macro onestep and a Graflex XL RF with a packfilm back), 2 pogo printers with the 1st gen ZINK system, and an HP A640 instant printer. None of them make me remotely as happy as this printer does. The packfilm cameras? Great film, giant cameras, spotty usage success with semi-automatic annoyances, lots of waste and the prints need to dry. Forget about ambient nightlight and expect to lose a couple shots per pack with loading issues. Pogo? Gah….party favor stickers were nice, but crap for battery life and Colors McRudderson was the result on your best day. The HP instant printer was HUGE, ink was a drag, and the quality is so-so after all that work anyway.The GL-10 is what I’ve been waiting for all these years.Leaps and bounds improvement in quality over the pogo. Still talking mid-range quality, but it’s way better than the film the impossible project is putting out for it’s one step cameras (or the unusable expired original film….”soft tone” my taint!) and considering the tradeoff size/toner/paper for any of the other battery powered options (HP, epson, canon selphy, etc), the pixels/per/hassles ratio is way better than anything else out there. The best business card you could ask for is this in the back pocket of your jeans with a felt tip pen and a USB cable. The only thing I could compare it to from a “WOW HOW DID YOU DO THAT—-THAT’S AWESOME” factor is the land cameras, but considering their use record, I’ll take a 70-75% quality 100% of the time compared to 100% quality 40% of the time any day of the week. As I said,The GL-10 is what I’ve been waiting for all these years.I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually considering buying the camera that’s coming out soon just because I use the printer so much (40 pictures in one weekend of travel meeting new friends) that I’d just as soon not have the hassle of hooking the cord up to my pocket SD-1400. Anyway, I think you get my drift.Note to Zink: make 3×4″ paper that has a sticky back! That would be great. That is all.Matthew – Photographyontheroad

22 of 24 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng A cool gadget, expensive… but useful
By olnikkormat
I bought this printer yesterday. I gotta say it’s actually quite good… for what it is. Definitely it’s superior to the Pogo printer in terms of quality… though it would be nice if the the 3×4 prints were also sticky backs. The color accuracy is actually quite reasonable. Unless you use very strong contrasting hues, then they tend to vibrate next to eachother. The images do not have a perfect polaroid feel… more it’s like a dye sub system from 10 years ago. That said, as a pinter to roll in my camera bag with me, it’s perfect.A couple of notes, the black and white images have a cyan cast natively. If you use the polaroid app, downloaded directly from polaroid you will have the option of color adjusting to sorta help subdue the cast, but it didn’t seem to really fix the issue. You will want to download the app… it will pair over bluetooth like the pogo and print in the same fashion as the pogo… with decent results, but the transfer is slow. From the app on my macbookpro the prints have a little bit (not a whole lot, but there is a difference) better color management. Plus it allows you to use a USB cable to transfer images and that dramatically speeds up the process per print.All in all, if you were a pogo fan, you’ll really like the prints from the GL10.The GL10 is better than the pogo. It’s not as good as the Epson pictuemate, but it’s far more portable.

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