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HP Scanjet 5590 Digital Flatbed Scanner Two-sided, multi-page scans Unattended two-sided, multi-page scanning with included automatic document feeder. Fast Scan up to 8 pages-or 4 images-per minute and preview scans in about 7 seconds. Scan, copy, print, e-mail, and more-many features available using one-touch buttons. Plug and play using Hi-Speed USB-compatible with USB 2.0 specifications. Scan and e-mail photos and documents-no slow downloads or large attachments. Easy document management Scan documents with existing data management systems or included software. Choose copy quantity, settings, and more using convenient copy center buttons. Professional results High resolution scanning at 2400 dpi optical resolution and 48-bit color. Easy to learn and use software for graphic arts and digital photography projects. Scan more Scan slides and negatives with adapter, plus scan books, documents, 3-D objects, and more.

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(Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: HP
  • Model: Scanjet 5590
  • Platform: Mac OS X
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Original language:
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 6.38″ h x
    19.21″ w x
    13.39″ l,
    12.60 pounds


  • Auto two-sided , multiple page scanning
  • Scan media types: Paper (banner, inkjet, photo, plain), envelopes, labels, cards (greeting, index), 3-D objects, 35 mm slides and negatives (using transparent materials adapter),iron-on transfers
  • Features: 50 sheet Automatic document feeder (two-sided), Transparent materials adapter: scans three slides or four 35 mm negative frames
  • Up to 2,400 dpi optical resolution
  • 48-bit color depth, 256 levels of grayscale
  • 5-button front panel for everyday tasks
  • Transparent material adapter
  • Hi-Speed USB interface, PC and Mac compatible

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

130 of 137 people found the following review helpful.
star30 tpng I returned mine
By S. Milligan
I have been looking for a reasonably priced duplex ADF scanner for some time now, I want to scan a file cabinet of documents and shred the originals. I thought this HP was it, it isn’t. I spent several hours over a few days giving this guy a workout. I scanned stacks of bank statements (30-35 pages at a time) (8.5 x 11) and mortgage documents (8.5 x 14) both single sided and double sided. Several times the ADF jammed (roller slipped and eventually gave up) and I had to man handle the stuck page out, I could find no way to release its grasp of the paper. These were not glossy pages, just typical bank statements. Other times one or two pages of a stack of 35 would scan in only a third of the page. It cannot scan duplex pages longer then 12 inches, I don’t know why. Duplex scanning takes more then twice as long as simplex because it has only a single scanner and must flip the page (I think it does this flipping twice). The software wasn’t smart enough to handle scanning mix length pages, if I had a document (for example: mortgage papers) with a mix of letter and legal size pages I had to tell the software that all the pages were 14 inches long otherwise it truncated the legal size to 11 inches. It all boils down to a lack of trust for me. Before I go shredding originals of these documents I need to be able to trust that I have good electronic copies and this scanner/software didn’t establish that trust.

103 of 114 people found the following review helpful.
star10 tpng This scanner sucks.
By Avery
Sorry for the juvenile review title, but there’s really no other way to put into words the frustration that I have experienced from trying to work with this stupid thing.The interface is cumbersome and largely unnecessary. I bought it because, at the time, it was just about the only reasonably-priced multi document feeding scanner I could find. I don’t need this multi document feed for office work, like most people; I need it for animation. If you’re at all familiar with the process of animation, it requires that MANY MANY MANY pictures be used, and I was looking forward to cutting down on my work time by having the scanner do most of my paper loading for me. Oh, foolish little me!Not only does the paper jam 60% of the time, but the scanner always wants to scan it into the stupid software that came bundled with the scanner. So even if I’m trying to scan an image directly into Adobe Photoshop, I first have to go through the “HP Gallery” or whatever, copy the picture, and bring it in that way. I set it so that it automatically scans into Photoshop, but when I turn off my computer, it forgets its new instructions and goes back to uploading everything in the HP Gallery. It eats up time, desktop space, and PATIENCE.Oh yes, and the TWAIN drivers that it supposedly comes with won’t work on my Macintosh. Sure, it specifies that NOW, but back then when I was doing tireless research on the product, it didn’t tell me that you can only get the drivers on a PC, so I basically wasted $500.00 on a piece of machinery that isn’t compatible with my platform, my animation program, nor my sanity.HP wasn’t much help; they advised me to download some free software from their site that would install the TWAIN drivers that I’d need to work with my animation program, even though the software was originally for a digital camera and not a scanner. “It should still work, even though it’s not technically for that hardware,” says the guy. Well, no, quite frankly. It does not, in fact, work. All that it does now is confuse my scanner for a digital camera and refuse to upload anything into Photoshop or any other program for some bizarre reason. In uploading the digital camera software, by the way, it completely wiped the existence of the scanning software that I already had on my computer so that I had to manually upload it again.I can’t wait to sell this thing and get at least a portion of my money back. This thing is such a headache, please don’t waste your time with it.

46 of 49 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Underrated Scanner
By M. Kozar
Had to chime in on this one. We got the scanner about four months ago to replace a discount-bin flatbed Canon. It’s true that the thing occasionally locks up on me and requires a cord-pull. (Anybody else miss ‘off’ switches?) The ADF also spazzes on some pages – no rhyme or reason to it, just about 00.5% of the docs I scan it can’t grip or something.The good news is that for what I do (making PDFs from official letters for business records)it works great. The front panel buttons can be set up to output to a PDF without any additional input or software interference – I just tap in how many pages, press the ‘scan document’ button I’ve got tweaked, and it doesn’t bother me until it needs a save name for the PDF.I do a mix of Letter and Legal, which could be a headache – the scanner can’t do duplex Legal, or Letter and Legal in the same job. However, the workaround is easy. After each scan job it asks if I need to scan more pages into the document. I scan the first set, then click more and scan the next. The ADF recognises which type it’s dealing with, so there’s no reconfiguring going between stacks of Letter and stacks of Legal.Would I recommend this scanner? Not for everybody. It’s not optimised ‘out-of-the-box’, and it’s twitchy enough that you kind of have to know your way around to keep it running. I’m a pretty competent tech, and I like it just fine, but I don’t know if Grandma is going to put up with its’ shenanigans. This would be less of an issue if the HP tech support were helpful, but I haven’t been able to get a straight answer out of them regarding my issues, and I speak the lingo.This is a great scanner, but it is not User Friendly.

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