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Can scan and load printed text to your computer with no strings attached. Bluetooth design allows on-the-go scanning up to 30 feet from your computer or mobile device. Perfect fit for both left and right handed users allowing text to be scanned in a simple and comfortable way. Scanning speed up to 15 cm/s. C-Pen Core Software is included for Windows OS. Size: 5.1 x 0.7 x 1.25 (130 x 18 x 32 mm). Weight: 2.4oz/68g.

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(Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Brand: Ectaco
  • Model: C-PEN 3.5
  • Dimensions: 1.26″ h x
    5.12″ w x
    .71″ l,
    .15 pounds


  • Can scan and load printed text to your computer with no strings attached.
  • Bluetooth design allows on-the-go scanning up to 30 feet from your computer or mobile device
  • Perfect fit for both left and right handed users allowing text to be scanned in a simple and comfortable way.
  • Scanning speed up to 15 cm/s
    Character size 5-22 points
  • Abbyy FineReader OCR Engine 8 with support for PC/Mac

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

33 of 33 people found the following review helpful.
star30 tpng Good scanner but Bluetooth is sketchy
By J. Richardson
After seeing all the positive and negative reviews for the Ectaco C-pen 20, I decided to take the dive and buy the Bluetooth version of Ectaco’s handheld text scanner for my wife. I was apprehensive because there are no reviews for this product, but figured we could return the scanner if it didn’t work.My wife uses the scanner pen to scan text and notes from her law school classes. She stinks at typing, so being able to scan all the text she needs into her class outlines is a *huge* timesaver for her.Caveats: we are on Vista as our operating system.Pros:Easy setup (make sure you follow the directions; DO NOT plug in the scanner prior to loading the software).Scans accurately and quickly when plugged in via USB; see Cons for the story on Bluetooth mode.Picks up the following kinds of text without problems: highlighted texts, text in books (make sure the pages are flat, though), or underlined text (provided your underline doesn’t go through the text; see Cons)Picks up kooky symbols, like the ones I found in some of my wife’s textbooks (deltas, ampersands, etc.)Cons:Doesn’t scan text well if you have underlined text and some of your underlining moves up through the printed text.Doesn’t scan very well in Bluetooth-only mode. Essentially, you have about 2-3 seconds to scan your line of text before the light on the scanner goes out and it transmits to your computer. I have no idea what the heck the deal is, but if the Bluetooth part of this scanner is really what you’re looking for, I would recommend you *not* buy this product.Scanner doesn’t seem like the most well-constructed thing in the world, *but* it has held up well so far, so that might be a non-issue.Overall: This text scanner does just fine when it’s plugged in to the computer via USB cord. My wife really does save a lot of time in her studies. But, as I mentioned above, the Bluetooth really doesn’t function very well at all. I originally gave this product 5 stars because it did exactly what it promised, but I’m changing my rating to (a very generous) 3 stars now that we’ve found out that the Bluetooth part of the show is so bad. Hopefully Ectaco will fix this in their next system update?

16 of 18 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng Best portable scanner
By nab
I am an Information Systems Analyst and one of my tasks it to check on the assets we have regularly. This involves taking serial numbers of PCs laptops, monitors, etc. I was finding a way of making my inventory check simple. Since it involved having to look at a serial number, writing it down, crosschecking and then finally inputting it into an excel sheet.After searching for something that could make my life easier, I found the Ectaco Bluetooth C-PenI just finished testing the device this morning and I must say I was very impressed.It comes highly recommended.It can scan data from any printed material even invoices.It can also scan* Dell service tags pasted on the system unit.* Serial number on the laptop adapter* Computer names we print with the labeller and paste on the PCs.* Phone serial number on the phone box/packaging.Because it can also be used wirelessly. It can also scan from a range. I’ve only tested up to 5meters.One of the things it has problems with when scanning is scanning anything on a shiny surface eg. The OPTIPLEX 780 on the front of the Dell machines and the serial numbers on the sollatek ultima 800 UPS.Aside that, I believe it will be a great device to make our work easier and to keep us on top of our assets.

10 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
star10 tpng Don’t waste your money
By Jim
I’m a PhD student and wish I could write something positive about the C-Pen 3.5 Scanner but just can’t seem to find the words.I have this product installed on two computers – a Lenovo X201 tablet and a new Dell Latitude, both running Windows 7 (one 32 bit and the other 64 bit).PROBLEMS:The max memory available under 32 bit Windows 7 is 4GB. C-Pen Core software grabs about half of that and won’t let go until you close it. So operating the pen will slow your PC to a snail’s pace until you exit C-Pen Core – which means you can’t just grab the pen and start using it – you have to start the C-Pen Core software all over again.But there’s more – the Bluetooth connectivity is so unreliable that you can’t just restart the C-Pen Core software, grab the pen and start using it. You must somehow reconnect to the pen via Bluetooth and that, believe it or not, sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, sometimes requires multiple reboots, sometimes never comes up no matter what I do, and sometimes (very rarely and unpredictably) works.Oh, you can just keep the pen connected via USB, but the pen tolerance and sensitivity is such that the drag from the attached USB cable changes its scanning ability from moderately useful to nearly useless.When the pen does work, I must multitask between the pen and the keyboard and the mouse because the scans are rarely perfect. Multitasking while using the pen is a skill I have developed but, memory, Bluetooth and software issues aside, before scanning anything I have to consider whether or not what I am planning to do is actually worth the effort. Despite my best efforts, edits are necessary at the end of almost every line and the accuracy within each line is entirely dependent on my ability to sweep the pen in a perfectly straight motion (very hard to do).You must also consider the material before bothering to scan it. Books printed with a small or not very crisp font are just not scanable. Also, if you have made any marks on the material – circled, highlighted, or underlined items for instance – forget it. And if the material cannot be positioned so that the entire page is completely flat – ain’t gonna work.BOTTOM LINEDo not waste your money. This product is a memory hog, an undependable resource, and far too expensive considering its limited utility.

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