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Product Description

The ImageCenter ADS-2500W is a desktop high speed two-sided document color scanner with network capabilities (Ethernet & wireless) and a 3.7-Inch Color Touch Screen ideal for small to medium sized businesses. The included bundled software helps to organize scanned business cards, documents and other files to a document library. The software also includes a PDF editing software to allow for edits, annotations, highlighting and electronic signatures. Highly versatile scanning destinations including Scan to Cloud, USB memory flash drive, Android phone or tablet, e-mail server, FTP, Network and PC (Image, OCR, e-mail and File) help to make the ADS-2500W an easy to use solution for any office environment.

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Brother Printer ADS2500W Document Scanner (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Color: Black, Grey
  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: ADS2500W
  • Original language:
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.10″ h x
    11.80″ w x
    8.70″ l,
    7.94 pounds
  • Display size: 3.7


  • Scans up to 24ppm B&W and Color
  • Network Connectivity – Wireless and Ethernet. Scan to Cloud, USB flash memory drive, Android phone or tablet, E-mail server, FTP, Network, PC (Image, OCR, E-mail and File).
  • Simple, intuitive user interface with 3.7-Inch Color TouchScreen
  • High quality color and mono scanning up to 600 x 600 dpi (optical) / 1200 x 1200 dpi (interpolated)
  • TWAIN, WIA, ICA, and ISIS compatibility enables easy setup to scan documents into a variety of applications

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

30 of 32 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng Brother Printer ADS2500W Document ScannerThe scanner that (actually) changes everything
By Keenan
Yes, this scanner is expensive.Yes, this scanner isn’t super-portable.Yes, this scanner isn’t the fastest or the smoothest (although it’s pretty darn close).But none of that matters when you consider this essential fact: the Brother ADS2500W fundamentally changes how you scan things. This is, to my knowledge, the first scanner that can scan to Dropbox (or Evernote, or Google Drive, or FTP, and so forth) all by itself — that is, without needing to install a single driver, or open a single program, on one’s computer.It’s fantastic. The front bears a big touch-screen (it’s plastic, not glass, but that’s a minor quibble), which shows off a more than decent GUI for entering your WiFi password and setting up your cloud accounts. Then you can set up shortcuts so that you are never less than a few button presses away from sending a stack of paper to Google Drive (which you can then view, within minutes, on your tablet or phone — again, without having to fiddle with any finicky drivers or even more finicky software).This bears repeating: this scanner transforms the way you scan documents. Even Doxie Go, and Scansnap, and basically every other scanner in the universe, relies on another piece of hardware — your computer — for its initial setup and, of couse, to execute its most basic functions.Within ten minutes of opening the package I was sending stacks of paper to my Dropbox, which I then viewed on my iPad in another room. I simply entered my WiFi password, connected my Dropbox account (Brother uses a very cool online wizard to do this), and then started scanning. You can throw the driver CD and the USB cable away.There is simply no other scanner like this. It’s a miniature computer, really, one that fulfills one of the most nebulous promises of cloud computing: to simplify and improve the most mundane tasks of human life — of which scanning paper is perhaps the quintessential example — so that we can spend our hours doing what we enjoy with people we love.If you scan things, if you continue to wonder why no driver ever seems to simply work and why every scanning program feels designed to frustrate you, to steal you away from your friends and your family, to capture your attention in order to waste it — if you recognize the power of simplicity, you simply have to have this scanner.Yes, it’s a scanner; yes, scanners are boring. But this is the first scanner that seems designed, from the base up, to fix the rote task for which it exists. To finally make scanning easy, to expunge every soul-sucking moment — the corrupted driver, the stalled software, the obscure error message — so that we can all get on with our lives.Nobody likes scanning. This scanner will not make you like scanning. But by eliminating nearly every hassle, every horrible friction between your piece of paper, or your photo, and its digital reproduction, this scanner really does deliver what we want from our technology: the elimination of our most unnecessary hassles.

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star30 tpng Brother Printer ADS2500W Document ScannerBrother ADS2500W vs. Epson Workforce Pro Scanner Comparo
By Comdet
Bottom line: While the Brother ADS2500W has an impressive list of features, wonderful connectivity options and a delightful control screen, the Epson Workforce Pro GTS-50 (which costs a LOT less) beats it where it counts – feeding paper properly. Unless Brother improves the paper handling, it remains a frustrating experience when doing large volume scans.Full review: I scan a lot of documents for work, running at least 2,000 sheets per month (with as many as 4,000+ in peak months). So, a reliable scanner is an absolute must.I’ve been using the Epson Workforce Pro model S50 for nearly two years and have been very impressed with it. It’s not perfect, however, so I was eager to see how the new Brother stacks up.Build quality: Both seem very nicely built. Both have a small footprint (the Epson being a bit smaller) and “fold up” when not in use to minimize the needed shelf space (e.g., the catch tray can be retracted into the machine, and the input paper bin tray folds down.Setup: The Brother comes with a very clear set-up guide that walked me through the install process. I had no problems setting it up on a network (wireless) and on a PC (Win 7 32 bit). As I recall, the Epson was not a problem to set up, but the included documentation was more sparse.Connectivity: The Brother is a networkable scanner, with both direct-connect Ethernet and wireless capabilities. The Epson is a local scanner with only USB 2.0 connectivity. That’s a huge plus for the Brother if you want to use this in an office environment with multiple users. Plus, the Brother has a host of features the Epson lacks, such as scan to cloud (such as Google Docs and others), scan to Android phones and other destinations. The Epson is strictly a local scanner.Ergonomics: Again, the Brother wins hands-down. It has a very nice color screen that makes it very easy to use. The Epson is limited to a two line LCD that offers some help (you can set up named profiles and select them) but it’s well below the user-friendliness of the Brother’s screen. VERY nicely done – probably my favorite feature of the Brother.Compatibility: Both are TWAIN compatible so it will work with any TWAIN application. Both included bundled software. I’ve used the Epson-provided software and it’s OK to great (with the “great” in reference to the ABBY FineReader OCR software, especially when I upgraded it to the full package). I didn’t install the Brother bundled software since it includes Nuance programs which I truly despise. But, you’re not forced to use it given that it’s TWAIN compatible.Rated speed: Both are dual-sided scanners and have similar specs (25ppm for the Epson; 24ppm for the Brother).Capacity: The Epson is rated to hold 75 pages; the Brother only holds 50.Performance: This is where the expletives can fly when I’m using a scanner since misfeeds, jams and double feeds just drive me nuts. The Epson is PG-rated in terms of the language than ensues. An occasional misfeed (usually in the form of pulling two sheets) but the incidence is very low. I rarely get more than one misfeed per 1,000 pages. (As a side note, 98% of my scans are single-sided B/W 8.5×11 sheets with mostly text, scanned at 300dpi to a PDF).The Brother, on the other hand, is X-rated in terms of language. This guy just does not like to run in a volume environment. Loading up the paper tray to the max gave me nearly a 100% incidence of misfeeds. Loading it to about the half-full point helped cut down on dual-feeds, but skewed paper pulls became a problem. No problems with just a couple of sheets in the feeder.The sheets I ran through the Brother were the exact same sheets that I ran through the Epson, so it’s not a paper source issue.I tried several times to measure the time it took for each scanner to process a 50 page scan but had to give up since I couldn’t get the Brother to pull 50 pages from the autofeeder in a single run without a misfeed. From what I’ve experienced with smaller batches it seems that the Epson has the speed advantage (roughly 20% faster) when scanning B/W, mostly text at 300dpi to a PDF.Conclusion: The Brother wins out on nearly every metric, has a host of features the Epson lacks (with the most useful being networkability) and has a beautiful color screen. But, those features are moot when the darn thing won’t pull paper properly on volume jobs. Granted, if you only need to scan a few pages at a time the Brother will be a fine performer, but why spend all that money when you can get a single-sheet scanner for much less?The Brother is a five-star performer when it comes to features, but a one-star performer when it comes to actually pulling paper. I’ll average it to 3 stars with the strong warning that unless you like to baby your scanner when it comes to feeding paper, this is not the document scanner to get.

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star50 tpng Brother Printer ADS2500W Document ScannerA very impressive high-speed and versatile desktop scanner
By Jerry Saperstein
Brother, in my opinion, makes excellent products. Over the years, I have owned several of their laser printers and never had a lick of trouble with them. Thus, I was eager to test their ADS2500W high-speed desktop document scanner. It is a surprisingly small unit, measuring about 12 by 9 by 8 inches and weighing about 8 pounds. It supports USB, Ethernet and WiFi interfaces. Installation on my WiFi network took only a few moments, using the internal Wizard. The Brother drivers and applications, including a limited edition of the venerable Nuance PaperPort installed without difficulty on my Windows 7 computer. The Brother Control Center software, however, worked only intermittently on my test computer. I don’t hold that against Brother since I know this particular machine can be flakey. From what I saw of it, the Brother Control Center software is adequate for most scanning tasks. Simple interface, which is all that is needed. I used Adobe Acrobat Pro X for my testing. The ADS2500W was immediately recognized and scanning was a breeze. I chose documents for my test that were stapled together and did not fan the sheets out after removing the staples: I was deliberately trying to provoke a jam. My scheme failed. Each page fed individually without a hitch. Double-sided originals are scanned in one pass. I also scanned full-color pages ripped out of catalogs and was very impressed with the suppression of halftone pictures. No Moire or other bizarre patterns here. The dot structure of the halftones were nicely suppressed. A plastic carrier sheet is included for scanning odd-sized items and there is also a little plastic pocket for scanning things like driver’s licenses. Be very careful when you unpack the unit, because that little envelope is easy to miss. I didn’t install the Nuance PDF Converter Professional 7 software because I had Adobe Acrobat installed. Scanning with the limited PaperPort version included was hassle-free as well. The ADS2500W is very flexible with regard to output. You can output it to a network computer by cable or WiFi. You can also output to a USB flash drive. You can output to GOOGLE DOCS, EVERNOTE, Dropbox, Picasa Web Album, FLICKR and Facebook accounts via the Web Connect TouchScreen Interface (using the internal 3.7 inch LCD display) or a connected computer. The Automatic Document Feeder holds up to 50 sheets of paper. That is actually a negative, since this scanner is very fast. If you’ve got a lot of pages, you’re going to be feeding thew unit often at 50 pages per shot. The top closes to protect the scanner from accumulating dust and the paper output tray slides neatly into the body of the unit. Overall, this is a very nice unit. High build quality. Simple to use. Very dependable in my tests. Really high quality black and white and color output. And very, very fast. I recommend this unit without hesitation for small and medium sized office use.Jerry

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