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Product Description

Canon’s line of imageFORMULA P-Series personal scanners allow Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) users, telecommuters, and road warriors to improve personal efficiency and individual productivity. Highly portable and mobile, these small, easy-to-use scanners are for individual or shared use for general purpose, distributed scanning tasks, from the convenience of any location.

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Canon imageFORMULA P-150 Scan-tini Personal Document Scanner (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: 4081B007
  • Original language:
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.60″ h x
    11.00″ w x
    3.70″ l,
    2.08 pounds


  • USB Cable Powered
  • 15 ppm B&W/10ppm Color
  • 20 Sheet ADF
  • ISIS and Twain compatible
  • Lightweight (2.1 lbs) and Extremely Portable
  • Compact size, Practical
  • Liberates document capture by taking it beyond the walls of the office to the convenience of any user location`

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

101 of 103 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Canon imageFORMULA P 150 Scan tini Personal Document ScannerI love it! …mostly
By Amazon Customer
Good points:–Small, I can easily carry it to and from work–Acts in stand-alone mode (no drivers required)–Fast, quiet, duplexes–”Skip blank page” works fine–Feeds almost anything. I’m archiving family records now–feeds almost anything up to 100-year-old letters, card stock, stacks of photos.–TWAIN and ISIS drivers, that the Fujitsu does not have–Paper path is less angled than an all-in-one ADF’s 180 degrees.–Easy to clear paper jam–Deskew generally works, but not always. I scan a stack of veiably-sized items, so I often do not use the paper guides. It’s pretty gppd about keeping things straight.Bad points:–Does not like onionskin paper–Takes 2 USB ports unless I want to pay $35 for an AC adapter–Black-and-white (1 bit) mode does not really like anything except crisp black test. Typewritten text, of which I have reams, does not come in well, I scan in grayscale or color. Have not played with the sensitivity–No output tray–I’m not at all pleased with the quality of scanned photos, but I suppose that’s to be expected. I have an Epson Perfection for that.–Scanner software will handle only a few variations. Button can be assigned only to one–Will only scan to 14″ longHave not tried OCRI like it. I’m glad I bought it.

50 of 50 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Canon imageFORMULA P 150 Scan tini Personal Document ScannerNearly perfect scanner
By D. Bayly
I’ve been using this scanner for six months and have come past my initial enthusiasm to a more settled satisfaction. The scanner is fast and gives results as good as any scanner I’ve owned–and I’ve owned a number over the years. Moreover, it’s a classy little instrument–well-built, folds up into a perfect little glossy black box. I leave it on a window ledge in my living room and except for the cords, it doesn’t look out of place.I’ve found that convenience is the most important factor in my life with scanners. It can be fast, but if it’s bulky or ugly and I have to put it away when I’m done with it, then it’s inconvenient to use and I get tired of it. My multi-function printer/scanner is fast, but woefully inconvenient. Either it won’t work on the network, its driver won’t work with my computer, or it’s physically distant because I don’t want it near the living area of my house. I never use the thing to scan.I also have a little NeatWorks scanner. It’s small and convenient, but slow as molasses in January. I hate waiting on it. And I have a Canon plate-type scanner. It does beautiful scans, but it’s slow and though slim, still too large to leave out in the living room.This scanner’s chief charms are its looks, compactness and speed. It’s physically fast. It’s also fast on the software side. I plug in the scanner, hit the big scan button and the scanner fires up its software utility on the computer, scans the document and asks me where I want it saved. That simple. One button and you’re done: from plugging in the scanner to scan on your desktop it’s a matter of seconds.One positive about the scanner I didn’t fully appreciate when I ordered it is its ability to do double-sided scans without a second pass through the machine. It incorporates two scan surfaces into its feed allowing a double-sided scan with just one pass through the machine.The negatives which have become more apparent to me over time are few but significant. Most significant in my mind is the machine’s inability to sheet-feed certain types of paper consistently. I use legal pads for handwriting and then scan my notes. The scanner is unable to grab one sheet at a time with this paper. It does better with thinner, flimsier, cheaper paper. Good quality paper causes it to grab three and even four sheets at a time. This is a real frustration.Less frustrating is the automatic duplexing capability. Sometimes I want only one side of a sheet, but if there’s anything at all on the back it gets scanned as well, leaving you with an extra page you must remove from the scan. Since I own the full version of Acrobat I can do this easily, but I’m not sure this would be so easily accomplished for someone possessing just Acrobat Reader.Finally, when folding the machine up into its little box it’s important to close the paper guides first. If you forget, they’ll get force-closed by contact with the inside of the box, but I suspect over time such contact could break the guides.

35 of 36 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng Canon imageFORMULA P 150 Scan tini Personal Document ScannerCanon Image Formula P150 – exceeded my expectations
By Abeicle
Okay so I use scanners all the time because I am tired of having paper pile up on my desk. I’ve been using the flatbed that came with my HP Deskjet F4200 (which is a fantastic little printer by the way) and the although the scanner works fine, it is not duplex and does not have a feeder and is slow. But the quality is fine. It does work great for things you can’t feed into the P150 such as credit cards, licenses, wrinkled/damaged documents etc.So here is where the P150 shines and you will need sunglasses.1. It does receipts seamlessly. The feeder narrows down for even the tiniest gas receipts.2. It is quick. The paper just runs through without even the slightest of noises or whirring sounds.3. It makes beautiful scans and very rarely requires adjustments to the settings.4. OCR is performed automatically. (doesn’t get everything but you can run OCR again with other software such as Acrobat pro etc)5. The scan software is simple, intuitive, fast and just plain excellent.6. You don’t have to click on any software to scan. Just stick the paper in and hit the button and voila, it scans. Then just save and your ready for the next one.7. I haven’t had a jam yet. Seriously. Make sure you install in the included page separator component as it appears some other negative reviewers failed to do so.8. The thing is tiny, but solid and just very cool. Dust on black is no big deal as some reviewers complain. The thing closes up and is completely protected. The gloss black is fine and quite nice actually. Take care of it, and get a HEPA air filter or something. Give me a break.9. It doesn’t need a power cable! Just plug into standard USB and you are in business. It apparently will go faster with the included 2nd USB power cable but it’s already WAY faster than my flatbed. I suppose if you were douing a huge stack of paper you would, but I don’t want it to go any faster with the creases and folds in my documents…I’d rather see it go at a nice medium pace.10. Yes, I tried the NeatReceipts product and save your self. It is a total waste and a real piece of inferior equipment plus it is proprietary and the software is absolutely horrifying.11. Even if the receipt doesn’t feed straight, the software fixes it. What a time saver!!!12. This is a biggie. It is DUPLEX meaning it scans both sides of documents and if a side is blank it is smart enough to ignore it.13. I haven’t had any problem with Skewing as some have mentioned. Sounds like those people need to get Adobe Acrobat and hit “Optimize”. That automatically fixes the document if it fed slightly off. Come on people, this is a SCANNER not a printing press what goes in, is what comes out.And last but definitely not least, this one is TWAIN COMPLIANT, unlike the similarly featured and pricey, Fujitsu Scan Snap!!! (the Fujitsu Scansnap, has to use it’s own special proprietary software to get the scans. And you can’t use other software. The Canon P-150 ImageFORMULA however, works with all standard scan software products that have the ability to acquire scans which is most of them these days, such as most image editing software, MS-Word, Adobe Acrobat, and the list goes on)Hip Hip Hooray for CANON!-Abe M. AlexanderRealtor, Windsor, CA

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