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CardScan Executive features a desktop card scanner and full-featured contact management software — ideal for the power user. Synchronizes easily with Outlook, PDAs, smart phones plus ACT!, Lotus Notes and GoldMine. Color scanning and fast 3 second scan.

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CardScan Executive v8 Card Scanner (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Color: BLACK
  • Brand: DYMO
  • Model: CS-A08180-ENG
  • Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Format: CD
  • Original language:
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 2.75″ h x
    8.13″ w x
    9.25″ l,
    .95 pounds


  • Use drag-and-drop feature to consolidate important business info from email, web sites, and other electronic media
  • Creates digital address book from scanned business cards
  • Categorize contacts, search, sort, print labels, map addresses
  • Synchronizes with most business software including Outlook, Palm, Windows Mobile, iPods, and many smartphones
  • Dimensions 9.2 x 8.1 x 2.8 inches; weight 4 pounds

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

53 of 53 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng CardScan Executive v8 Card ScannerHighly useful and accurate
By Tangible
I’m not sure why the previous reviewer had so much trouble with the character recognition. Perhaps it is a defect in the particular unit he received. In my case, it did a very fine job recognizing the data on a large variety of business cards. Very fast, and easy to use. I did not activate the integration with Outlook, but did set it up to make the Cardscan contact list available in Outlook, and that worked just fine.My only quibble is with the free online backup that they offer: the fine print tells you that they will email everyone on your contact list periodically to encourage them to join up. This sounds like a great way to lose all your friends, so I didn’t do it.

50 of 50 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng CardScan Executive v8 Card ScannerExceeded Expectations
By P. Scott Pope
After years of delaying the purchase of a business card scanner, I decided to make the plunge after amassing a pile of 300+ business cards. Generally, I am an early adopter of any technology that introduces additional efficiency into my life. However, I was a bit skittish about obtaining a business card scanner due to the negative impressions of the product category. However, despite a few of its shortcomings, the CardScan Executive has been a worthwhile investment.In the past, coworkers have argued that the accuracy of such products is so low (<90% that they offer little value beyond the manual entry process. While the OCR accuracy of scanning complicated multicolored business cards is in fact only 85% to 90%, the CardScan software facilitates very rapid manual correction of the data. Not only are all of the relevant fields laid out in a consistent tabular form regardless of the original order, but the CardScan software highlights questionable data. At the same time, it allows the user to compare this data to the saved scanned image of the card. This juxtaposition is an important element of the value proposition of CardScan Executive solution. Regardless of the accuracy, the scanned images can be flipped through while inspecting the estimated OCR text. It is important to note that the user can scan hundreds of business cards, rapidly one at a time, before any of the time consuming manual correction takes place.This automated process capability is one element of the software that I didn't fully understand before purchase. Assume you have 500 business cards that have elaborate graphics, which leads you to correctly guess there may be a high error rate. This isn't necessarily a problem as you can 1) scan all of the cards then 2) process (i.e. OCR)then 3) verify manually. The manual step can be done weeks later if you chose. In my case, I often don't know if I will need any of the cards, so the ability to scan and throw away the paper cards is important. Unfortunately it does not have a multi-card sheet feeder so assume that 5-10 seconds per card must be devoted to the original scanning process.Another shortcoming of the CardScan Executive solution is that it does not learn as it goes. For example, if you have several business cards with crazy graphics from employees of a single company, the software does not recognize that you already identified key text on the previously manually verified cards. Moreover, where it can correctly recognize URLs and email domain names, the software can't intelligently determine the company name with this information. The difference between the domain name and the spelling of the company name is most notable with companies that have elaborate icons embedded in their company names.The limitations of the device and software are most likely driven by cost. For several thousand dollars, the afforementioned limitations could be addressed. Yet, at this price point, most individuals who place a value of their time of greater than $20/hour (very low bar for white collar workers) and who want to digitize more than 225 business cards throughout the life of the product will receive a positive return on their investment.Calculation3 minutes saved per card for 225 cards = 11.25 hours11.25 hours @ $20/hour = $225 > $200 purchase priceProsRelatively fast scanningEasy SetupSoftware productivity aids for manual verificationConsNo automated sheet feederDoes not learn from previous verifications or intelligently extract data from the different parts of the card to improve OCR (i.e. company name matched to URL/email domain)

52 of 54 people found the following review helpful.
star10 tpng CardScan Executive v8 Card ScannerTerrible Tech Support
By TwinAce
The product worked for three days and then stopped working. CardScan is one of these companies that asked not to return the product to the store but to contact their customer service if the product has a problem. I was on hold with customer service for 35 minutes before giving up. I wrote their tech support an email regarding the issue. Two days later I received a response asking me what scanner I had purchased and what color the light was showing (even though all this information was provided in the initial email). After sending this information again they determined that the unit I had purchased was defective and they would send me a new unit. The unit they sent me turned out to be refurbished. I was incredibly disappointed that it took so long for their tech support to respond and that they did not keep to their commitment an exchange the defective unit for a new unit. Considering I had spent close to $300 on a NEW unit and not refurbished one and the unit I purchased only worked for three days this was the least they should have done. This company does not stand by their product.

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