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Instant PDF color portable document scanner.Included item: USB cable, USB bus power cable, AC adapter, AC cable, Getting started guide and Setup DVD-ROM.

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Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Mobile Document Scanner (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Brand: Fujitsu
  • Model: PA03643-B005
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.03″ h x
    3.90″ w x
    11.18″ l,
    4.90 pounds


  • Fast color, grayscale and monochrome scan speeds of up to 12 double sided pages per minute
  • 10-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • One touch searchable PDF Creation
  • Automatic paper size detection, automatic color detection, automatic cropping, blank page deletion and de-skew
  • Scan to: Evernote, SugarSync, Google Docs, Salesforce Chatter and Dropbox,1 year Limited Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

500 of 507 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Instant PDF Sheet Fed Mobile Document ScannerThe updated S1300i brings you faster speeds
By Ryan
As you’ve probably seen, the original Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 Scanner (PA03603-B005) has received great reviews here on Amazon. So what’s this S1300i (notice the “i”) all about?What’s New?Basically, it’s just faster, up to 1.5x faster (up to 12 double-sided color pages per minute) than the original S1300 model. Everything else seems to be the same. Fujitsu boasts some new software features, but from what I understand, these features are also available to the original S1300 through a software update:- Scan to mobile: you still need to have your ScanSnap connected to your computer and your computer powered on, but you can easily transfer scans to your iOS or Android device over WiFi- Scan to DropBox: Technically, you could do this before since you could just set your destination folder to your DropBox folder, but now DropBox is directly supported- ScanSnap Folder (PC-only): This sets up a temporary folder that allows you to then quickly attach a scan to a program that is not directly support. For example, if you wanted to e-mail a receipt through G-Mail’s web interface, you would scan it to the ScanSnap Folder, then attach it from G-Mail’s website. The folder automatically deletes the document after a configurable number of days.PROs+ This thing can handle pretty much everything I throw at it: receipts, forms, photos, even old greeting cards. Some things you can’t scan include anything with whiteout or a sticky substance on it since it can get caught in the rollers or smear up the scanning glass (although, these things can be cleaned). Even though a document feeds in crooked, the software does a great job correcting the slant in most cases.+ You can power it with two USB ports, although scanning is a bit slower compared to when it is powered by the AC adapter.+ Scanning directly to Evernote is awesome: just select Evernote from the Quick Menu that displays after the scan and your document appears in the Evernote application instantly+ It works with Macs and Windows and includes software for both (there are some differences, such as ScanSnap’s Organizer program which is PC-only)+ Paper jams are easy to clear by just opening up the front flap+ Front and back scanning in one pass is amazing! The software can intelligently distinguish if a document is one-sided and then removes the blank pages from your scan+ This thing is sturdy! I wasn’t expecting it to be as heavy as it is, which is a good thing. When folded up, this thing is a solid brick.CONs- OCR (converting the document into usable text) can take a while to process after scanning (my multifunction printer/scanner seems to handle OCR a lot quicker, albeit less accurately than the ScanSnap)- It can’t handle a huge stack of documents (maybe about 10-15 pages), but it’s fairly easy to “sneak” a few pages in at the end while it’s running. UPDATE: Thanks to Andrei in the comments for pointing out that the software can be configured to prompt you if you want to add additional scans to the current document.Overall, if you’re looking to go paperless in your home or office, you can’t go wrong with the ScanSnap 1300i!UPDATE: 1.5 years later and this scanner is still going strong! Jacc on the third page of the comments has some great information for “power users” for securing your documents and setting up profiles.

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star40 tpng Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Instant PDF Sheet Fed Mobile Document ScannerAn excellent document scanner, okay for other stuff…
By Amazon Customer
I’ve been on the lookout for a true duplex scanner for quite some time. Three years ago, I purchased an Epson V500 Photo, and while it was a great photo scanner and did well at scanning single sided, one-page documents, I was a bit daunted at the idea of scan/flip/switch/flip/switch/flip/etc… scanning for my longer documents. I didn’t want to rely on a scanner which used a duplex document feeder (but still scanned one side at a time) because they tend to be unreliable, especially if the paper isn’t perfect.I had pretty much settled on a Fujitsu ScanSnap brand scanner, because for a long time, that was about the only affordable duplex scanner. I wasn’t happy with the need to choose between Mac or PC, though, because I use both, but for different things. Unfortunately, all of Fujitsu’s products where specifically limited to one platform or the other. I ended up putting off the purchase multiple times just because I wasn’t happy with the offerings available.I would go back every few months, though, and look again, both at Fujitsu and others. When I did a search on duplex scanners a couple of months ago, I noticed several new offerings, both from Fujitsu and other companies. Epson has a new Workforce series, Brother has a couple of new machines and Fujitsu has the new S1300i. After a bit of indecision, I finally settled on the Scansnap, ordered it from Amazon and waited impatiently for the scanner to arrive.Here are my observations after a month (and over 1000 scans) of using it.The Good:From the beginning I’ve enjoyed the ScanSnap s1300i. The ScanSnap Organizer program works well for keeping my PDFs organized, and the interface for the scanner software is pretty easy for scanning documents, both single page and multipage.The scanner is able to be powered by a second USB cable (which makes it portable), or by plugging it in to the wall (which will produce faster scans).There is only a single button on the scanner, which is lit when the scanner is on and ready for scanning, or dark when it has powered itself down or you’ve closed the “lid” (the fold down document feeder will power off the unit when it is closed).It provides excellent quality PDF files, and the OCR capabilities (provided by an OEM copy of ABBYY Finereader) work better than expected for most documents.The Automatic Document Feeder is rated at ten pages, but I can get at least 20 or so in there without a problem, then I can drop 10 or so more at a time after it has scanned some. I have successfully scanned 70 page documents in this way.The scanner is able to be used with either (or both) Mac and PC machines.The Bad:The software isn’t TWAIN compliant, meaning you can’t use it from within other programs, like Adobe Acrobat or PhotoShop. This is only a minor annoyance, since you can scan to a file, then automatically open the file with a particular program (chosen from the ScanSnap Manager program).The Scanner is OKAY at scanning photos. I did a side by side comparison between the ScanSnap and my Epson, and the Epson wins the quality contest, hands down. You can readily see the JPG mosaic patterns and artifacts (and you can ONLY save image files as JPG) in the ScanSnap file, even on the highest scan settings.The scan settings are limited to 1200 dpi for black and white, and 600 for color. This is more than adequate for documents (I generally scan at 600 b&w/300 color), but it is a limitation. I don’t know why the resolution is different for b&w vs color, but it is.Since the scanner is a “Sheetfed” type, you can’t scan things which are too stiff to go through the paper path. This isn’t a problem for most things, and it should be pretty obvious when you’re purchasing the scanner that this will be a limitation, but just in case you haven’t thought about it, there it is.The scanner has “consumables”, meaning the pick rollers and pad assembly, which are rated at 100,000 and 10,000 scans, respectively. This is actually both good and bad, since these parts aren’t user replaceable on most units, and they will just start giving sheet feed errors (too many pages at a time, or not grabbing any pages). However most scanners pads will be rated for more scans.The scanner has a problem reading “legal” paper if the scan begins with “letter” paper. The manual says you can’t mix different paper lengths in the same scan batch, but you actually can do this, so long as the first page scanned is a “legal” size sheet.The Ugly:Nothing. There are no “showstopper” problems with this scanner that I have come across.Overall, I love the scanner. It is great for scanning documents, which is the exact reason I purchased it. I’m giving it four stars out of five, and mostly knocking the one star off because of the JPG quality, and the mixed paper length problem. It’s really more of a 4.25, but regardless, I can’t give it five stars because of these issues.

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star50 tpng Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Instant PDF Sheet Fed Mobile Document ScannerBuy it!
By A. Gano
Ok, so my title is a bit emphatic…but it’s true.If you are looking for a scanner that is fast, easy to set up, reliable and comes with a lot of options for output then the 1300i is what you are looking for.I use to own a Neat scanner and nothing against them, but the 1300i is so much faster and easier, plus it comes with much better output options. I like that I can output to Evernote or to Word or Excel and it really is super fast. The OCR software works as advertised and the set up was super easy.My only “complaint” is the feeder only holds as small amount of sheets but then again it isn’t advertised as having a huge sheet feeder.I really like this scanner and while it’s not as cheap as a flatbed scanner it is far more useful (especially since it does both sides of the paper).As you can tell I am completely sold on the 1300i, so much so that it got me to write my first product review on Amazon after buying products here for years!

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