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Product Description

Rediscover your long-lost slides and film negatives with OMNI SCAN. This all-in-one digital image converter transforms your images from outdated to updated without the need of a computer. OMNI SCAN’s 5.1 Mega Pixel sensor scans your negatives quickly and with clarity to the standard jpeg image file format. OMNI SCAN’s full-color LCD screen allows you to enjoy your converted images immediately, or you can also connect OMNI SCAN directly to your TV and view your images on the big screen! OMNI SCAN’s SD card slot and USB connection make transferring photos extremely easy. The OMNI SCAN accepts SD/SDHC cards up to 32GB. Quickly upload your photos over to a computer, digital picture frame, cellphone or virtually any other device. OMNI SCAN is the fun, fast and all-in-one solution to converting your slides and negatives to digital images.

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ION OMNI SCAN Stand-Alone Image and Slide Scanner (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Size: no card
  • Brand: Ion
  • Model: iSC05
  • Original language:
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.70″ h x
    7.00″ w x
    6.00″ l,
    .80 pounds


  • Standalone slide & film scanner
  • Scans all color or monochrome 35mm negatives &mounted slides
  • Converts images to digital JPEG files to easily organize, view & share
  • 9 megapixel & 5 megapixel modes for up to3648 x 2736 scans
  • Full-color LCD screen for viewing converted pictures

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

624 of 635 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng ION OMNI SCAN Stand Alone Image and Slide ScannerION Omni Scan – The little scanner that could
By rick c.
When I told an Uncle I could scan and convert his 250+ Korean War slides to picture, I didn’t know what I had gotten into. I have scanned and retouched photos and converted film negatives and have become the “family archivist” of sorts. I soon learned 35mm slides are a whole different ball game. I had no prior experience with slides and had to learn how to perform the task I had promised my Uncle. I began by reading information on slide conversion. I read reviews of portable slide scanners and looked at prices. The ION Omni Scan was reasonably priced and seemed to have good reviews. I ordered it and was pleasantly surprised at my first attempts at scanning. The 10 MegaPixel setting gave large scans that were easy to retouch and prepare for printing.(I found out that slides mold and have all kinds of specks that require special cleaning) The slide slot was a little snug as indicated in some of the other reviews, but I think it was more a case of some of the slides being wider. The majority of them were easy to insert and remove, some required a little more force to pull out. The menu was easy to navigate, and the functions are handy, allowing you to reverse and flip the image before scanning. The pop-up screen gave a clear picture and allowed you to adjust the position of the slide prior to scanning. The instructions could be a little more clear, but it was easy to figure out the functions with a little trial and error. I would advise the scanner USB to computer hookup because of its ease of use. I found it faster to save the files to the SD card, remove it from the scanner and plug it into my computer, rather than loading from the Omni Scan. After getting the images off the SD card and onto the computer, I formatted the SD card and plugged it back into the scanner. The scanner had no problem initializing the fresh card each time. I was happy to find the settings for resolution were saved also. I have all 250 photos printed and in a photo album, and I am very pleased with the results this scanner gave. It turned what I thought was a near impossible task into something I am proud of. Of course now all the family is dragging out all those old slides, and it looks like my little Omni Scan is going to come in very handy.

135 of 136 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng ION OMNI SCAN Stand Alone Image and Slide ScannerSimple, Fast, and Effective
By Craig W. Englund
For such a simple device, this scanner works remarkably well. Once I figured out that the large button on the right must be held down for a few seconds after a scan is complete to bring the transfer function up on the screen, I realized that it’s possible to scan 24 slides in a row (by simply inserting one, hitting the enter key, then pulling it out and continuing the process for the next slide) before I needed to even bother with transferring an image to my computer. Up to 24 images can be transferred to my computer’s desktop at one time, which allows large numbers of slides to be scanned very quickly. The only thing that slows the process down a bit is the fact that the scanner assigns the same 24 names to each batch of slides, so one has to stop and rename each scan in a set of 24 before downloading the next group of 24 scans — otherwise the earlier scans would have to be replaced with the new set of scans with the same names. Still, not much of a burden considering the overall simplicity and speed of this scanning system.Unlike some other reviewers, I have had very little trouble inserting slides into the device for scanning, even slides with heavy glass or plastic mounts. Dust is a problem unless one is careful to clean each slide before scanning, but I’ve had pretty good luck simply by blowing on both sides of the slides or rubbing them against a cloth. The intensity of the colors in the scanned images is also clearly less than in the original slides, but I have been able to correct the color using nothing more than color adjusting function available under Preview on my MacBook Pro.I highly recommend this inexpensive scanner for anyone who just wants to preserve the images contained on their old slides which have been sitting for ages in some closet or for most other purposes which don’t require professional quality scans.Craig Englund

312 of 326 people found the following review helpful.
star20 tpng ION OMNI SCAN Stand Alone Image and Slide ScannerPoor Quality Negative Scanner
I had to return this item. The seller shipped fast and was helpful on the return. The quality of the product was poor in three ways.1. A single negative is placed into a frame, or a strip of negatives is pushed through a frame. Each of the two frames are made out of two pieces of clear plastic. Think of the frame like a 35 MM slide frame, but with solid clear plastic over both surfaces of the film. It sandwiches the film between its two pieces. It acts to hold, guide and/or flatten the film for scanning.That frame should be made of glass instead of plastic. The plastic scatches easily (and may have even been scratched when I received it). A simple manufacture change to glass would have caused me to make do with the product.2. There is a thumb wheel to pull the film strip into the unit. It turns a single cogged sprocket. The single sprocket easily misaligns the film. Having two sprockets would have resolved the problem. I found it easier ti use my thumb and fingers to insert and manipulate the film position.3. I found the scanned image to be too bright. I scanned the same image on a flatbed scanner using the film print and ended up with a much higher quality digital image than with the negative scanner, even though the print scan was a much smaller digital file. A simply brightness dial would resolve this issue.

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