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Take a moment to think about those multiple-step scanning operations that are done again and again, day after day. Scanning, editing, naming, choosing a file format – it’s so repetitive. Now imagine the time and money you could save by doing all that at the press of a button. That’s what Kodak’s smart touch functionality is all about. The Kodak i2400 scanner with built-in Smart Touch functionality lets you capture, manage, process, and deliver PDFs and other file formats – automating processes that previously were time-consuming.

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Kodak i2400 Scanner (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Kodak
  • Model: 8835183
  • Original language:
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 10.90″ h x
    13.70″ w x
    16.50″ l,
    11.99 pounds


  • save time and money by doing all that at the press of a button
  • with built-in Smart Touch functionality lets you capture, manage, process, and deliver PDFs and other file formats – automating processes that previously were time-consuming.
  • Automatic Image Orientation

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Customer Reviews

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star50 tpng Kodak i2400 ScannerWorks well with Windows 7 64 for searchable PDF
By Amazon Customer
The Kodak i2400 and its A4 flatbed are attached to a Dell M4500 laptop Windows 7 64 computer. Both i2400 and A4 flatbed work great.OPERATION: Excellent. I use the i2400 to scan single-sided 8.5″x11″ color and black & white documents to searchable PDF format for my business. They work perfectly. There are i2xxx-series Kodak scanners with more features and capacity, the i2400 seems to be the basic i2xxx-series unit and it is the least expensive.I have low volume, but need a scanner that scans to searchable PDF format directly and easily. The i2400 produces the searchable PDF file automatically when the start-scan button is pushed.Searchable PDF is a PDF format that I use for two purposes not available in a regular PDF document without the additional step of OCR conversion or retyping the PDF document.First, I often need to quote a paragraph from a scanned PDF document in a report or email I write to a client. A searchable PDF document allows me to select, copy, and paste PDF text.Second, as the name states, a searchable PDF then becomes indexable on my Windows computer and when I use Windows or some other computer-search program to find documents containing a particular word, the searchable PDF documents containing that word are also found in the search along with all other files such as Word, or WordPerfect documents, etc.The i2400 has 9 scan profiles that can be set and reconfigured — such as for different formats, color or B&W, file destination (nice feature), preview, and quality of scan.The i2400 tilts for use and then tilts back when not in use. At first I thought this was a needless feature, but now use it all the time to save space on my crowded desk. The i2400 is very compact.Scanning with the i2400 is done by loading the documents and then selecting one of the 9 scanning profiles (LED numbers 1-9), and then pushing the start-scan button on the i2400.The i2400 scan specs say it scans up to 30 pages per minute. I have not timed how fast my black & white documents scan, but it is very fast and seems like it must be 30 pages a minute, very impressive. With high-quality color as an option it seems the i2400 scan speed is about 50% of the BW, but still very fast for my uses.The A4 flatbed is also used for low volume, and its scan is much slower than the 12400, but I use the A4 flatbed 99% for scanning parts of books for quoting (with proper attribution) in other documents and reports. The one picture I scanned needed to be at very high resolution and it came out perfectly. The A4 scans 8.5″x 11″ documents. The A4 measures 11.2″ x 18.7,” not the largest flatbed, but it takes up a lot of space.Scanning with the A4 flatbed is done by placing a document onto the flatbed and then opening the Tray Kodak icon on the computer and clicking one of the 9 scanning profiles from the drop-down window.KODAK SERVICE: Perfect and fast.When the i2400 arrived it did not work, I deal with many support departments for my equipment and software, and expected that I would talk with several Kodak warranty screeners or departments on my way to getting the problem resolved. I easily found the Kodak warranty telephone number. I made a single 5-minute call and the replacement arrived a couple of days later. I could be wrong, but I think I only talked with the Kodak warranty person who answered the phone, if not, I was transferred immediately to the person who determined the i2400 needed to be replaced.Today, after a month of using the i2400 and A4 flatbed, I called the general Kodak Tech support desk when I could not determine how to set the A4 flatbed to work seamlessly with the i2400. I talked with a knowledgeable screener and the tech rep who walked me through the set up options. The screener told the tech rep why I was calling and so he already knew my problem when I began talking with him. He walked me through the change of setting mentioned below.Both the warranty department and Tech Support folks are some of the best I have encountered.DISLIKES: The i2400 is black and the A4 is cream-colored. Kodak’s products would look better sitting next to each other if they were both the same color. I like the cream-color.The documentation could be better on how to set the A4 to work with the i2400. The Paper Source needs to be set to Automatic because when the A4 Flatbed is used there is no paper in the i2400. The fix is: Right-click Kodak Tray Icon > Configure > Settings > Settings (yes again) > Device > Paper Source > Automatic (this is where the setting is changed to Automatic).SUMMARY:The i2400 and A4 flatbed scanner work fast and perfectly for scanning 8.5″x 11″ black & white and color documents automatically into searchable PDF documents for my business on my Windows 7 64 Dell computer. The i2400 has a full range of settings and options such as picture scanning, but I use it for office-document scanning.I bought the Kodak after I could not get my HP 5590 scanner to work with my Dell M4500 Windows 7 64 computer and compared the specifications of the scanners made by other scanner manufacturers. Because of the problems I had with my previous scanner, I was concerned that there would be some hidden glitch that would cause a problem. Kodak’s website has clear and complete descriptions of their products.The Kodak i2400 and A4 are excellent products and Kodak service is astonishingly competent and fast.

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star50 tpng Kodak i2400 ScannerFast + easy + reliable
By bon vivant
We set this scanner up in no time and everyone on the office network was using it right away and commenting on how fast it works…someone even nicknamed it “Speedy”.This is our 3rd Kodak document scanner (mostly scanning to .pdf format) and these machines have been workhorses. Each time we add a newer version to the network it is much faster than the previous generation. Our scanner from 3 generations ago is still working in a small workgroup. Would highly recommend.

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star40 tpng Kodak i2400 ScannerBit overkill for a single user and underkill for a workgroup, but quite fast
By Indy Reviewer
The Kodak i2400 scanner is at a strange price and performance point for a scanner of its capabilities, which are admittedly quite powerful. It’s a 40 ppm duplex scanner in 200 dpi mode with a 50 page feeder; this will serve well enough for most users, and is a noticeable upgrade from something like the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500). However, if you’re a small office user with multiple users, you’re either better off with the cheaper and wifi enabled Scansnap or spending quite a bit more on the higher end and monster-fast (70 ppm!) Kodak i2800 Scanner. 4 stars.Comparatively, the i2400 is about as quick a scanner as you’re going to find for a single user. The 40 ppm rating does slow down a bit at higher resolutions, and it does also slow down a bit scanning to PDF files rather than images. That said, the single touch scan (once you’ve preset your profile) is quite simple and I’ve not encountered a jam yet.The enclosed software is good but bit disappointing as it’s slightly outdated; Paperport 12.1 and Omnipage 17.1 are decent programs – although Omnipage isn’t anywhere close to Abbyy Finereader – but are two and one generations behind their current releases, respectively. A TWAIN driver does make up for a lot of this, as the i2400 can be recognized by just about anything, unlike the ix500.The only real quibble with this is that it’s not really designed for multiple users with a single USB connection. As such, you’re probably better off saving $200 and going with the slightly slower ix500 (although at higher resolutions, they’re basically identical) with a Wifi enabled connection, or spending up and getting something that is truly workgroup ready. 4 stars.

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