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Today’s business runs on information. But when that information is on paper, it can slow you down. Get things flowing faster with the KODAK i2800 Scanner. It lets you extract critical information from documents at the point of entry, for quick distribution to decision-makers who need it. So money to be gained isn’t left waiting for choices to be made.

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Kodak i2800 Scanner (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Kodak
  • Model: 1552181
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Original language:
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 10.90″ h x
    13.70″ w x
    16.50″ l,
    11.99 pounds


  • Get things flowing faster with the KODAK i2800 Scanner
  • lets you extract critical information from documents at the point of entry
  • helps increase both internal and external customer satisfaction, and saves your company time and money.

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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star40 tpng Kodak i2800 ScannerBusiness Oriented- Lightning Fast
By JoeD Freelance Pro Photographer & Blogger
If the price did not give it away, this scanner is intended for business heavy duty use. It is not designed (or priced) for a home-user. It is important to choose the proper product for the application.The Kodal I2800 is a very impressive product with a very solid build quality and reasonable footprint. Installation took about 5 minutes to acheieve a workable, non-customized state. It is heavier compared to any “home user” model I have ever used. The scanner has a 100 sheet rated duplex capacity (I actually managed 113) with lightning throughput. I experienced no jams in scanning over 1,000 pages of mixed paper, mostly 20# recycled. Most importantly, I experienced no issues with dog eared pages, unlike with most scanners I used in the past. The scanner also allows custom mapping of software buttons to further make your workflow efficicent.The scanner is bundled with paperPort, OmniPage and Kodak’s own proprietary software. All are likely adequate for home business needs without customization whereas more advanced customers will require major software tweaks. Either way, it is decent software unless you require customized solutions that may integrate with custom software such as that found in legal and medical billing offices.So, if you have a home based business that is not heavily dependent on document scanning, you are likely better off selecting a less expensive, though adequate, solution. However, if your business performs heavy duty scanning, then this is likely the product for you (like the Fjuitsu ScanSnap S1500 noted by another reviewer). This scanner will tame any workload and streamline your workflow, if you really have that need.

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star20 tpng Kodak i2800 ScannerLots of processing offloaded to software
By Aryeh
I’m a heavy user of the Canon DR-M160, and I was looking to branch out with other brands and models. I had heard good things about this Kodak scanner. The hardware is nicely-designed. But the rated speeds for scanning do not match real-world use when actually scanning large batches of documents, because after the scanning itself is finished, the PC then needs to go in and do quite a bit of processing before the documents are done. It ends up slowing you down significantly. Also, IMO the software is confusing and poorly-designed. By contrast, the DR-M160 does almost all the processing in the hardware, so that it consistently delivers scans pretty close to the rated speeds. I’m just using the Canon scanner as a comparison. There are plenty of problems with it too, but on the whole I’ll stick with it compared to the Kodak i2800.

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star40 tpng Kodak i2800 ScannerVery impressive speed and quality of scans, just lacking decent software
By Mary Jo Sminkey
I’ve had a few other scanners, the little Fujitsu ScanSnap being my favorite. It’s reasonably fast but only does up to 25 pages max so not the best for all my scanning needs. This scanner certainly blows it away, particularly when I need to scan a lot of color documents at once, it’s impressively fast and the quality of the results generally top notch. Really the only issue I’ve had with the hardware is sometimes it double-feeds with thin, glossy pages, so I always have to count my pages and double-check that it didn’t miss any. The Fujitsu though has the same issue, it seems most scanners are just not able to detect double-feeds with fairly thin paper. But I’ve yet to experience a paper jam with it, and with it able to handle 4 times the amount of pages at a time, and yet scan those in less the time than the Fujitsu does so many less, I definitely have to give the scanning functionality of it 5 stars. It also folds up into a reasonably compact size, not small by any means, but not unreasonably large, but I do have problems with it catching the sheets, and they often end up strewn all over the floor as a result. This also is a pretty typical issue for these types of scanners, but it’s still kind of annoying and for the price I would have liked a scanner that had a tray that did a bit better job of catching the sheets.The biggest issue I have though is the software included. PaperPort is included with most Windows-based scanners and just isn’t particularly good. Kodak includes a *trial* version of their more advanced document management software, but sheez, for the high price of this scanner, you’d think they could include decent software and not just a trial version. If you don’t already have solid document management software be sure to consider that along with the cost of the scanner itself as you’ll probably end up having to buy something better than what comes with this.Finally be sure to note that Kodak only provides Windows drivers for this scanner, so if you need to support both Windows and Mac, or might be considering a switch to Mac at some point, this may not be the best choice of scanner. You can certainly use a Windows VM to do your scanning with it, but other scanners work with both Mac and Windows natively so it’s disappointing that some manufacturers purposely release scanners for one or the other.

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