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Eastman Kodak Kodak Scan Station 500Kodak Scan Station 500

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Kodak Scan Station 500 Duplex Scanner (8738056) (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Kodak
  • Model: 8738056
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Original language:
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.19″ h x
    15.00″ w x
    13.74″ l,
    23.15 pounds
  • Memory: 1024MB
  • Native resolution: 800 x 400
  • Display size: 8


  • Eastman Kodak Company Scan Station 500 – Document Scanner – External – 30ppm – Usb 2.0 – Color

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Kodak Scan Station 500 Duplex Scanner (8738056)A nice evolution from Scan Station 100
By small business guy
We have used a Scan Station 100 Plus for a few years, and when we wanted an additional unit ordered the Scan Station 500 (ss500) instead. A very preliminary review, but what you are buying here is a world class paper feeder, attached to a pc with a touch screen, that does OCR and outputs ready to use, searchable PDF files. Another reviewer mentioned that directories cannot be browsed, this is not an oversight. The design goal (for better or worse) is something that an administrator can deploy on a corporate network without compromising network security. What’s cool is that 10 people can walk up and drop scans directly into 10 different directories, and that the confidential/protected directories for the CEO are available on walk up, but not compromised to other users. The strength and limitation of this unit is that it is designed for enterprise use, with a high priority on security, HIPPA, PCI DSS, etc.Set up has a little bit of the “IT Sys Admin” feel, and absolutely requires a PC. Once configured, the basic interface is an ethernet connection to shared storage, and/or a USB key. The ss500 office-user fast at OCR (not industrial speed). Image quality is very good (for a sheet fed scanner). The latest upgrade to the software rotates documents so that they are saved as PDFs with the top at the top even if fed up-side-down.RAM: I’d love to be able to upgrade its 1gb RAM to 3gb. (Uses XP.) I’m using the attached flatbed, which is a nice extra and produces much higher resolution scans.EXTERNAL KEYBOARD: Kodak doesn’t say this for some reason, but you can attach a USB keyboard to this. The touch screen is fine, but being able to type a file name with a real keyboard is *much* faster. If all goes well, I may come back an give this a 5, but for now 4 stars.COMPARISION WITH SCAN SNAP: I Have also used/own a ScanSnap S510. The Scan Snap a great unit, but because it is directly attached via USB to a single workstation, and requires drivers and special software be loaded onto that workstation, a USB-direct-attached scanner really becomes essentially tethered to a single workstation. (And for the Scan Snap) Adobe Acrobat gets activated to *that* workstation, and over-writes any existing acrobat installation — it overwrote my Acrobat Professional with the less expensive, less powerful Acrobat Standard. The paper feed on the Kodak is also much better, bigger, heavier, and more serviceable. Jams are such a annoyance that they justify a large part of the price difference – sheet feeding on the Scan Snap is very good; sheet feeding on the Kodak is really great.MACINTOSH: If you have more than one user, or need scans for both Mac and PC, then getting your scan output as a PDF file on a network drive and/or USB key means that scans can very quickly get used by any computer.COST: The cost of a network scanner is 5 times the cost of a USB attached scanner. If you are a one-person operation or office, then the business case is harder to make. On the other hand, if what ends up happening is that you dedicate a workstation to the scanner anyhow, the Kodak makes huge sense. It a refined, flexible, and secure approach to a shared scanning.

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star40 tpng Kodak Scan Station 500 Duplex Scanner (8738056)Fast and flexible… with some limitations
By Kevin Christy
This unit is a fast operator, and with the ability to scan once and do any combination of thumb drive storage, local USB hard drive storage, network folder storage, email, fax, print, and FTP, what’s not to like? The OCR logic is fantastic, enabling us to create text-searchable PDFs. Scanning duplex is a breeze, since there are separate scanning elements for each page. This thing flies, especially in black & white mode. It ate up several 15-20 page dual-sided documents in OCR mode without complaining. However, a 3 page color document did slow the unit down in OCR mode, a memory issue in all likelihood.That said, there are some noteworthy limitations to this unit:* Setup must be done on a PC running Windows; I believe you would be screwed if you tried to set this unit up on a Mac-only network. Hope I’m wrong about that but I don’t think so.* Setting up the SMTP portion of the tool was problematic. I gave up on using our Exchange server and created a dedicated Gmail account to send emails through, but it took me probably 90 minutes of experimenting with different settings to get it to work. It should not have been that difficult.* Fax and FTP setup were easy, but I could not get the unit to recognize two HP color LaserJets that were connected directly to the network. Kodak advises me that to properly configure a printer you have to run the administrative tool on a Windows client PC, not a server. Not sure why that is and I haven’t had the time to kick someone off their client PC to try it. So to date, no Scan to Print for us.* Inexplicably, you can’t control color settings beyond simple scan resolution. Color scans are far too saturated, with lots of blues and artifacts coming in from the other side of the page. This could be easily managed using standard scanner settings, but this unit is so easy to use that you can’t control most common scanner settings. What’s up with that, Kodak?* it’s great that this unit can save to network folders, but it can’t browse directory structures. You have to actually type in the full pathname of the network folder. You can set these up in the administrator utility so you don’t have to type them on the fly, but that’s an obvious limitation and one that doesn’t seem to make sense given that the unit appears to be running an embedded version of Windows. This begs for a firmware update, Kodak.We bought this unit to make archiving documents fast and easy. Mission accomplished, but it’s no super scanner and expect some headaches getting this thing set up properly.

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
star10 tpng Kodak Scan Station 500 Duplex Scanner (8738056)Pricy machine that constantly break
By T. Le
This machine have to be the worst I ever have to support and recommend. Kodak’s older model, the one 100s, is a true work horse, where the 500s is a constant break and place. It have a high failure rate lasting only 2 months and have to replace it 3 times. Kodak’s warranty is only 3 months and their service really suck as, especially from their Warranty Service Department. Margret is a stiff and bad matter lady that does not listen to customer complain and does not take action to correct the problem. For a $2500 machine, the Kodak ScanStation 500 is fail and unreliable by design.The first machine, my company got, would eat papers and then jam. The second machine works fine for two months and then die. It would boot up at the bios screen and froze there (looks like a hard drive failure). Third one is on its way, but looking to return it after we find a replacement.Steer away from this product if you do not want to go through with the hassle of a replacement units.

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