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Penpower WPSNO31EN World Pen Scan (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Brand: PenPower
  • Model: Penpower WorldPenScan
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Original language:
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.12″ h x
    .73″ w x
    1.46″ l,
    .28 pounds


  • The WorldPenScan, the highest-rated text-reader device on the market, scans and converts text into computer-friendly data via USB interface.
  • Scan away effortlessly and watch the text appear on your word processor immediately.
  • Scan words, sentences, and excerpts from printed materials
  • And converts them into editable texts with a high accuracy rate for applications such as Words, Excel, Outlook, and text editors.
  • Scan words or sentences to certain language translation websites and see their translations by one click

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

22 of 22 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Penpower WPSNO31EN World Pen ScanWorked as advertised
By Jeff Johnson
I read and summarize a lot of material professionally, and needed a tool to help me quickly excerpt material. After a few days of heavy use, I can say that World Pen Scan has fully lived up to its claims. It is very fast – meaning that I can rip out a line of text in just a second, then hit the button on the top for a hard return, and keep going. I would estimate that this is 10x as fast as typing, and a lot less wearing. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that it that I wish they would use a little heavier grade plastic for the housing to make this feel higher-quality. If I could give it 4.5 stars, I would.

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
star30 tpng Penpower WPSNO31EN World Pen ScanFirst pen scanner!
By Roberto K. Cho
I bought this because I like to enter in text from textbooks that I highlight so I can use them for research papers later on. Previously I would type these in but after awhile I really get tired of typing and start making mistakes, sometimes my fingers don’t seem to work anymore in terms of speed and accuracy. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old, I don’t know. So after a lot of research, I went for this product which also has Mac support (definitely a requirement since I use a Macbook). Previously I never had a pen scanner so I can’t really compare scanners. But I can say that this pen scanner is very fast in terms of how quickly you can slide the scanner over the line. It’s very accurate as well. The only time I noticed that I got errors was because how the paper curves at the binding on books, but if you put the book as flat as possible and just be careful as you approach the curve you can increase accuracy. If you take the cost (plus rebate) into account it’s a great deal compared to other pen scanners.PROS:-pen is light-great speed and accuracy-scan text in both directions (even though the software says one direction)CONS:-kinda feels cheap for a $100 product-the “on” trigger should have been a roller type of button so it would move more smoothly across the paper-hard to tell where the beginning point of the scan is-the “triangle” pointer on the plastic that you are supposed to line up your text with is kind of hard to see, but you get used to it-errors can happen where the pages curve into the bindingUpdate 7/3/2012:I’ve been using this pen scanner extensively for school. As I mentioned, it’s not fully compatible with Word for Mac. In fact, it’s very frustrating using it with Word for Mac than it is worth. So what I do is just use Pages, then I copy and paste into Word which works better. When I use Pages, the scans are a lot more accurate. The pen works extremely well. From time to time, I’ll get a random number instead of the text I scanned, but usually the 2nd time scanning the line will solve it. But it happens far, far less frequently than with Word. It’s less stressful and aggravating compared to using Word. I’m going to downgrade it 1 star because I think it should work just as well in Word.Update 7/11/2012:I’ve been slowly downgrading my rating for this device. It started with 5 stars, now I am giving it 3. The reason why is because there are times when I scan a line and it gives me gibberish. It has nothing to do with my scanning technique, ie. how straight I move the pen scanner or the speed, because there are times when my pen motion is not smooth, crooked, very fast or very slow and it scans in text perfectly. When gibberish starts coming out, sometimes I have to scan the line 5 or 6 times just for it to scan the text, by then it would have been quicker for me to manually type it in. Not sure if this is an issue with Mac, but I’ve used the built in mac word processing like TextEdit with the same results as Pages. When it works, it’s great, but when it gets stuck on gibberish mode, it is extremely frustrating. I guess I will live with it for now.

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng Penpower WPSNO31EN World Pen Scanworld penscan
By Cara
The Worldpen scan cost a bit more than the other pen scanners, but once you use the Worldpen scan you will know the extra cost was worthwhile. I am a level 2 nursing student who needs a quick way to transfer text to files such as powerpoint and word documents. The Worldpen scan will recognize technical text and symbols such a mg/dl, 3.3L/min/m2, difficult pharmacological generic names and so on, at a very quick rate of scan. I can scan an entire page of medical text in several minutes. The text is instantly transfer to M.S. word document where it can be edited. I use a separate, non related, program to convert the visual text to audio, Ipod, or mp3, and I have an Ipod ready file to listen to. It is a great way to listen to and absorb needed information while skiing, driving, jogging, or anywhere you take your Ipod or mp3 player and need to study. The Worldpen driver installation is quick, straight forward, and very easy to use right out of the box. The pen ergonomics are user friendly, well thought out, great for smaller hands like mine, compact, and power is drawn from the usb drive. I take the Worldpen scan to lecture along with my 11.6 inch Acer laptop, and textbooks forgetting my highlighter and best of all no marked up books.

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