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Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus Duplex Document Scanner, 25ppm/50ipm, with 50 page ADF. Scans documents and rigid cards to searchable PDF, TIF, JPG, RTF, XLS formats. With document management software including: Abby FineReader OCR software, image management and Business Card Reading software. Also includes TWAIN drivers for integration with many imaging applications. Advanced image processing automatically crops, adjusts exposure and straightens images reducing rescans and increasing image quality and Optical Character Recognition accuracy. Single touch scanning lets you select 9 different scan jobs at the touch of a button. The compact PS286 Plus is perfect for office, front desk and even portable scanning tasks.

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Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus Document Scanner (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Brand: Plustek
  • Model: 783064424486
  • Original language:
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 11.80″ h x
    9.90″ w x
    14.20″ l,
    3.66 pounds


  • Advanced image enhancement to automatically straighten and rotate pages, adjust brightness, and crop images to minimize file size and increase OCR accuracy
  • Scans rigid cards including insurance cards, ID cards, drivers licenses, etc.
  • 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder; duplex scanning
  • 25ppm (50 images/min) scan speed; 1500 page per day duty cycle
  • Single-touch customizable button automates up to 9 frequent scanning jobs

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus Document ScannerWORKHORSE!
By Stephen C Snitzer
the only drawback is that it jams and often the entire sytem needs to be rebooted which is a little bit of a hassle.

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
star10 tpng Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus Document ScannerFalse advertising from customer support
By T. Lairby
After seeing the video for the Plustek PL2550, which claimed it has “Dual illumination to eliminate folds or wrinkles” I contacted plustek to learn what other scanners had “Dual illumination to eliminate folds or wrinkles”. After a few attempts got someone to reply and after a week of exchanges, the kind representative (I removed her name from this post as she was the middleman) answered my question on June 27, 2013 with the following, small paragraph:Finally got an answer for you. The PS286+ does indeed scan with dual illumination to eliminate folds and wrinkles. I have attached examples handled down to me to show this. If you have any more concerns or question regarding this you can contact As a result of this information, I ordered the PS286 Plus and received it on July 1, 2013. After just an hour of testing I concluded, not only did they lie, but the scanner is horrible. The following is the email I sent to plustek:I ordered an PS286 Plus and received it today.Problem #1) I just performed a test scan, and contrary to your previous email, the image clearly has light hitting rippled paper from one direction: clearly this scanner only has one light source per side. It may have dual illumination if you count both sides but that’s mandatory for all duplex scanners; furthermore, the hardware clearly only has one light bar per side. Conclusion, false advertising.Problem #2) Using the “Button Configuration” window, under #1, I modified the following settings: ADF (Duplex); Scan Mode: Color; Resolution: 600. Every scan comes back with a Scan window that reads “Program was unable to allocate enough memory to perform this action. Close other programs and windows and try again”. When I open my “Windows Task Manager” it shows Physical Memory Available is 29822! And before someone starts pointing fingers, I have no antivirus software as 34 years of building computers I’ve learned how to avoid them, and even though my I7-3770K processor with 32 Gig of ram on my Asus Maximus V Extreme, could handle many processes running in the background, I don’t let it work that way. I like to keep a sleek machine so it’s NOT my computers fault. This is beyond unacceptable. plustek’s inability to compile 64 bit software when over 75% of machines sold in 2012 were sold with 64 bit software is insane. It’s like someone ordering new motor for their car and they are delivered a horse with the hardware to bolt it to the motor mounts of the your car! Just because Microsoft can emulate 32 bit software on a 64 bit system doesn’t mean it’s a match! Edit: After not being able to find an auto-update feature, I went to the plustek web site and downloaded the latest drivers and after a total of three restarts, the memory error is now gone. Still, as previously stated, I like to keep a tidy machine but my task manager clearly shows the plustek software running in the background all to be 32 bit. So your horse is working, albeit anything but modern & new.Conclusion: I’m done, I’m contacting Amazon for a refund. The lazy software team aside, the hardware is not only overpriced but when I finally got a successful scan, side A cropped by over 3mm (photo says it all) and Side B was skewed illogically.. no text or graphics were in line with the rotation. I have been misled about a scanners abilities, plus the plustek software team is clearly either unable or unwilling to produce up to date solutions for new hardware, plus a single duplex scan at 600 dpi takes over 68 seconds? The USB 3.0 specification was completed in November 2008, Microsoft has been producing consumer level 64 bit windows since April of 2005. Plustek, this is bad business. I have written to three different emails at plustek and is the only one who took the time to respond. So, Please don’t take my frustration personal. One thing I’d like to point out is: I asked what scanners– plural.. have dual illumination, and was given one part number, as if it was my only choice.. was it? , you have been kind, and I thank you. Your kindness isn’t enough to counterbalance all this …. !

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus Document ScannerI bought my second one!
By Grover
Overall, this scanner not only gets the job done, it’s pretty reliable, too! I bought one for my home, first. Got addicted. Then, I bought one for my office. It’s handy and has really helped clean up the paperwork! It’s a good buy!

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