Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDSWF-ST44T-VP) with WiFi – TEAL/TURQUOISE

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Product Description

Portable wand scanner Scans color and black & white images with just a wave of your hand Saves images directly onto memory card (card sold separately).

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Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDSWF-ST44T-VP) with WiFi – TEAL/TURQUOISE (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Color: Teal
  • Brand: VUPOINT
  • Model: PDSWF-ST44T-VP
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.10″ h x
    1.10″ w x
    10.10″ l,
    .30 pounds
  • Display size: 1


  • Built-in Time and Date Setting Feature
  • Automatic White Balance
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed PC Interface

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

57 of 61 people found the following review helpful.
star30 tpng Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDSWF ST44T VP) with WiFi   TEAL/TURQUOISEWiFi not for Mac. Also, watch file sizes
By amazed
As many reviewer covered the main features of this device and its obviously most popular use of scanning (color) pictures, magazines and books I wish to share my experience of scanning documents only and transferring them by using the Wi-Fi option. Therefore, this is not a comprehensive review of all features one may want to know.I was aware about the limitations of any wand scanner before purchasing the PDSWF-ST44-VP. Also, that shortcomings like no capability of cropping, partial distortions due to unequal scanning speed or uneven surface, undesirable stripes (where the background appears) along the edges should not be rated as diminishing factors as these shortcomings just represent the current “state-of-the-art” of all handheld scanners.However, what was most promising was Vupont’s description ofa. scanning in color or monochrome mode,b. choice of format, (jpg and pdf)c. three levels of resolution, (300dpi, 600dpi and 900dpi) as well asd. transfer option by USB, microSD or by Wi-Fi available for Windows and Mac OS 10.5+.All four features combined would serve my purpose of1. scanning of more than 90% of documents in monochrome as to keep file sizes at minimum,2. adopting a uniform format of all imaged documents (pdf) as some companies’ e-mail servers do not allow .jpg to pass,, albeit that work flow and my filing system also prefers a non-editable (or at least hard-to-edit) format. (pdf)3. choose resolution depending on the importance and quality of the original document, e.g. birth certificate (eternal validity) or a driving license (long term and important) as opposed to a monthly account statement (temporary and replaceable) or invitation to a yearly general meeting of your HOA.(for the records only).4. easy transfer to my MacBook Pro OS 10.6.8 or any smart phone by Wi-Fi. The latter would have the added advantage to let one preview a scan as to decide whether re-scanning is needed or not. (Since the device doesn’t have a screen to preview, unlike the model PDS-ST441-VP, which however offers no Wi-Fi capabilities. No “one-size-fits-all”. Either the one or the other.)My findings:A. Color vs. monochrome scans of documents: Much to my surprise and contrary to all my other scanners the file size of a single page letter size (or A4) document with a color logo and header and the rest of the text black (like a bank statement or invitation letter) are exactly the same. (393 kb with resolution 300dpi, 885kb with resolution 600dpi and 2MB in resolution 900dpi)My flat-bed HP scanner produced 395 kb in color and only 40 kb in monochrome, both with resolution 300dpi of the very same page.Supposedly, one has to send ten different documents by e-mail (e.g. an insurance claim with bills and prescriptions, etc.) the attachments would amount to 10 x 393kb = 3.93mb compared with my flat-bed scans of 10 x 40kb = 400kb = 0.4mb only. (Difference: 3.93 – 0.4 = 3.53mb or roughly 10-fold = 1000% !!!) The same volume would be needed on one’s storage media such as on a HD. Nowadays SSD’s do not offer generous storage capacities yet and are expensive too. Every kb costs money. (Even though one probably would zip the files as to save up to 20% of file sizes. Yet it cannot compensate for the 1000% oversized files.)Findings A: Monochrome scanning does not mean smaller file-sizes than those of color scans unlike other scanning software. Therefore, the use of the wand scanner for documents is limited to less than 10% of my cases when a color image is desirable. However, most of them are not produced in field but rather at home or the office where flat bed scanners are in abundance.B. Jpg vs. pdf format of documents: Here again I experienced that file sizes of scanned documents in both formats are almost identical. Jpg easily can be reduced but quality, i.e legibility may suffer, albeit it’s too much work.Findings B: PDF does not offer smaller file sizes than jpg. On Mac one can reduce pdf file sizes though by using the quartz filter of the Preview, but this would mean again additional work for every scan again and again.C. Resolution higher than 300dpi: It’s nice to have 900dpi for scanning eternal and low quality original documents like birth or old marriage certificates. However, for such delicate archiving most people would use a flat bed scanner anyway. The use of scanning documents with higher resolution seems to be limited to scan old book pages in libraries or in preparation of a court case at lawyers’ office or at similar odd occasion.Findings C: Higher than 300dpi resolution is hardly ever useful for scanning documents. It’s however absolute necessary for photographs, evaluation of which is however done by other reviewers.D. Transfer data: While transferring files by USB connection or inserting the microSD card to a notebook is flawless, (didn’t try to insert the microSD to my phone) the Wi-Fi connection simply cannot be set-up on my Mac. E-mails to Vupoint remained futile, (best advice: “change the batteries” whereby it was clearly a software problem, ha, ha, ha) and no reply to my very elaborated step-by-step inquiry after 8 days. So is their hotline too. (1-888-788-6888) The lady said I should not try my Mac but a Windows pc instead, which I did. I was able to open the “MAGICWAND” network after inserting the default password 123456789 into the pop-up window and keying the IP into the browser’s address field. (It also worked when inserting “magic.wand”) I was able to see and download the scanned files. Vupoint’s label about system requirements: Mac OS 10.4+ is however misleading. As the hotline said, do not use your Mac. Very disappointing if that’s true. The ABBY OCR software is not compatible with Mac and is stated on the website too. Why do they not label the Wi-Fi in a similar fashion? Unless I missed something and the customer service is ignoring it.Findings D: The Wi-Fi does not work with Mac.Final conclusions:I. I have returned this scanner to amazon today.Reasons:- cannot scan monochrome documents with small file sizes- Wi-Fi doesn’t work with Mac. (One star has been knocked out.)- the use is limited to very rare occasion when color scans of documents are desirable ad hoc and no other scanner is available.- It’s like keeping a spare wheel in one’s car. One may not need it for years, but once it is needed it can save a lot of trouble. And it must have proper air pressure at that point too, just like the charge of the battery for the scanner! Flat tire, no drive, low bat, no scans. Does one has to carry a battery charger as well when traveling? AA size batteries used to be available all over the world.II. I have ordered the Vupoint PDS-ST441-VP today. (No Wi-Fi but with colored reviewing display. It is intended to be my “spare wheel”, just in case. By doing so I disregarded the not-so-helpful customer service of Vupoint, (for which reason another star has been knocked out) since the device is easy to operate and seems to be reasonably made. The clip-in tiny plastic tongs of the battery cover may not survive too many changes of the batteries though. I will either not snap it in but rather use a tape around or I wait till get broken and I still can resort to taping it.III. As I am mainly focused on scanning documents (paperless office and keeping only absolute necessary papers at home) while also being a Mac user, (not a devoted follower) this review may only address a small faction of would-be buyers. However I just wanted to provide some useful hints for those few.

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDSWF ST44T VP) with WiFi   TEAL/TURQUOISEGreat Product for the price
By Debbie Elliott
Ordered this yesterday and received it today. I followed the instructions and was scanning in no time. Reviewed the scans and they were great. I am looking forward to using this gathering documents for ancestry research and taking it to family reunions and scanning pictures there as well as the many uses at home. I reviewed several products online and chose this one for the higher resolution capability. Some others only had 600dpi and this is 900dpi.The only draw back is the wifi feature. I could not get that to work as easily as the other features.I would recommend this product to a friend.

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDSWF ST44T VP) with WiFi   TEAL/TURQUOISEPlasent to use in a Bind
By Filiberto
Purchase this item to scan papers that i was going to use in my Thesis, Dificult to get thesis from Libraries where you’re not an ex-student, but with this little marvel, i scan the Thesis Cover and the Pages i needed from every thesis that would help me,Color Reproduction is good once you white balance the scanner (Sheet attached)Put a 16GB Card in it and Rechargeable 2500mah batteries, can say it lasted over one hour of scanning, and i use the WIFI to download to my phone some of the scanned photos (This was slow), but can say that i’m still impress with the quality at 900dpi, fine settings,The batteries have charge left for about 40 scans sans WIFI use.IF you are a paralegal and don’t want top pay for copies at the court, arrive with fresh batteries (Or have spares) and scan until you finish or you’re times up.The question is longevity of the scanner, as it feels it needs more build quality, time will tell unless somebody decides to torture test this item and comment on Quality.

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